Backfile Conversion

Unlock the value of information in your stored paper records and documents
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Backfile Conversion

Unlock the value of information in your stored paper records and documents

It’s Time to Go Digital

Our experts will help you establish a fast, efficient process for the strategic conversion or your paper records and documents to a digital format. This increases access and reduces storage costs. Backfile Conversion can help you:

  • Extract valuable data and insights from your legacy records and documents to make better business decisions
  • Have electronic access to your vital records without subjecting the original to wear and tear or loss
  • Centralise your information in an electronic repository of your own or our Digital Record Centre, where it can be easily and securely shared.

Converting all of your legacy paper records to digital files doesn’t make financial sense and can be a daunting task. Instead of doing all your scanning at once, we can help you prioritise and achieve your goals by segmenting it into a series of backfile conversion projects or by establishing Day Forward Scanning and Image on Demand programs.

Why Iron Mountain?

  • We are able to link your physical and electronic records and information, wherever they reside.
  • You will benefit from our highly secure personnel, processes and facilities.
  • We have 20+ years of experience in scanning, indexing and classification.
  • Our breadth of services means you to deal with fewer vendors.

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