3 tips for DIY records management for business


Take a look at Iron Mountain's clever tips for DIY Records Management for Business which will effectively help you implement and maintain a records management system within your organisation.

26. maj 20236 min.
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An efficient records management system can make all the difference when meeting legal requirements, optimising operations and more. Iron mountain recently conducted a survey of business owners to get a pulse on their current information management practices.

The study found that many entrepreneurs take a DIY approach to records, with nearly 50% handling records management themselves. With this, over 72% of small and medium-sized business owners feel confident their current records management process meets all compliance guidelines.

However, despite this high confidence, a majority of respondents still acknowledge gaps in awareness of compliance regulations. How do we reduce this gap?

Here are three tips for all business owners to better manage their records.

1. Create a plan for classifying and retaining content

To move forward with your records management system, you must first create a plan for properly managing your information. This includes detailing how it is to be stored, retrieved, and maintained. You must also look at your industry compliance regulations to familiarise yourself with rules regarding disposition and destruction or permanent retention. Developing this plan helps your business get the greatest value of its records at the lowest cost, all while meeting regulatory obligations.

Download the tip sheet now for tips 2 and 3!

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