Electronic Delivery using Image on Demand

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Iron Mountain provides convenient options for retrieving files that are stored in one of our record centers.

18 October 20236 mins
Electronic Delivery using Image on Demand
You’re moving toward a digital information environment but paper records continue to be an important part of your information workflows and archives. Your files are stored securely, but sometimes you need to retrieve them to review the information they contain.

Iron Mountain provides convenient options for retrieving files that are stored in one of our record centers. First, of course, is that we can physically deliver the file to you if you require the actual paper document. But there is also another option that often makes more sense: Electronic Delivery using our IOD (Image On Demand) service. Instead of shipping the file to you, we will retrieve the file, scan the documents at the storage site, and provide you with secure access to the scanned document via the internet. This saves time as opposed to physical delivery, and it is a greener option because no delivery truck or van is needed to move the physical document.

Once scanned, the document will be returned to storage or whatever you want done with it at that point. And because scanned documents are electronic, they can be easily shared with others, they can be filed, sorted, and searched electronically, and they will be instantly available for you the next time someone needs that file. Electronic delivery — the faster, greener option.

What if you could:

  • Have the information that you need rapidly available to you in digital form?
  • Get fast, easy and ‘green’ retrieval of the paper-based files that you have stored off-site?
  • Easily store, search, and share documents that currently only exist in paper format?

The process begins when you request paper documents or pieces of film to be imaged through Iron Mountain Connect™, or Iron Mountain ReQuest™, our web-based customer hubs. Once you have placed your order, the Iron Mountain team retrieves and prepares your file(s).

Preparation may include removal of staples and paperclips, alignment of pages and repair of damaged documents. The documents are then scanned by our expert imaging team. You will be notified when your documents are ready and you can then securely access the documents and download them as needed. The original paper document will then be replaced in storage until it is no longer required.

With electronic delivery service you’ll be able to:

  • Easily place an electronic delivery order for your stored documents.
  • Receive fast access to your documents.
  • Be more effective by sharing information with those who need it while ensuring that information security and privacy are maintained.
  • Be more efficient by having the information that you need available to you in digital form.
  • Help reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of truck deliveries.