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Shred your documents to reduce liability

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding services protect the privacy of your information by destroying paper records and documents, plastics and media in a cost-efficient, safe and compliant way. Our online tools and on-demand reports covering key shredding metrics from usage to sustainability will help ensure efficiency and compliance.

  • Safeguard your organisation’s reputation by securely shredding sensitive and confidential paper documents.
  • Reduce costs by shredding documents no longer useful or necessary.
  • Ensure compliance by shredding documents in accordance with federal, state and industry regulations to avoid penalties, fines or legal action.

Whatever your needs and budget, Iron Mountain Indonesia has a shredding service designed to help save you the time, effort and headache of managing document shredding on your own.

Types of confidential material Iron Mountain can shred

  • Paper documents, any colour and sizes
  • Card stock
  • Photographs
  • Files folders (no need to remove staples, clips and rubber bands)
  • Envelopes (including window envelopes)
  • Laminated paper
  • X-rays

How it works: Iron Mountain secure shredding & document destruction process

When you engage Iron Mountain’s secure shredding service, here is what you can expect.

First, Iron Mountain collects and transports your paper-based materials to a shredding plant, where they are processed and destroyed to a non-recoverable form using proprietary procedures and commercial-grade equipment.

offsite shred workflow image

With Iron Mountain's offsite shredding workflow process, all material is collected at your location and transported to an approved shredding plant. Depending on a variety of factors such as the proximity of the shredding plant and the volume of material moving through the workflow, collected material may be securely stored at an Iron Mountain Consolidation Centre prior to being transported to the shredding plant for final disposition.

All Iron Mountain customers are serviced directly by Iron Mountain or by an Iron Mountain-certified subcontractor. A listing of our geographic service areas and subcontractor service areas is available if contractually allowable on request.

The monthly invoice will be delivered to you after the materials have entered the shredding workflow process. A Certificate of Destruction will also be provided as part of your monthly invoice. Alternatively, you can download it on Iron Mountain ConnectTM.

When we take our documents and turn them over to Iron Mountain to shred, I really don't have anything to worry about…
Don PollardFranchise Owner, The UPS Stores, In Chester, New Jersey

Iron Mountain secure shredding options

Secure Offsite Shredding

Ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents and plastics such as backup tapes, DVDs, X-Rays and other non-paper media.

How it works:

Collection containers are placed in appropriate locations on your premises. At regularly scheduled service intervals, trained specialists collect the containers for transport to a secure destruction centre.

Containers are processed and their contents destroyed using proprietary procedures and commercial-grade shredding equipment. All non-recoverable by-product materials are recycled, and a certificate of destruction is provided. Alternatively customers may witness the destruction in our facility or request for a recording by requesting in advance.

Special Purge or Shredding Projects

Sometimes regularly scheduled destruction services don’t make sense. For periodic or one-time shredding, Iron Mountain offers a range of Special Projects Destruction services that can be customised to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

  • Implementing a new records management program or retention schedule
  • Completing a tax audit or litigation matter
  • Relocating or consolidating facilities
  • Cleaning out storerooms and file rooms to create extra space

All Special Projects Destruction services are handled with the same level of security, consistency and reliability as our recurring services.

Why shred your confidential documents?

The answer is simple: Shredding is the safest way to destroy unnecessary paper documents that contain confidential information.

Document shredding removes the hassle of sorting through stacks of papers and moving files boxes around your offices, freeing up storage space while keeping your employees and customers information safe and secure. Benefits of document shredding include:

  • Declutter office
  • Save time & reclaim space
  • Protect employee and customer information
  • Ensure your business is compliant with the law
  • Grow customer confidence

For the following businesses, confidential document destruction and paper shredding is not just suggested, it’s the law.

  • Healthcare organisations
  • Law firms
  • Financial service providers
  • Establishments that deal with extremely confidential information

Challenges of implementing an internal document shredding policy

When it comes to purging sensitive business documents, companies will often try to take care of it themselves by implementing different shredding policies. By deploying a Selective Shred or Shred-All policy, your organisation may be taking the right approach – but incurring unnecessary risk.

Below, we outline the common challenges and potential data security risks associated with creating an independent shredding protocol for your business, and examine the limitations of both Selective Shred and Shred-All policies.

Selective Shred

A selective shred program can be effective if there are only certain documents that need to be destroyed, but it comes with several caveats:

  • You have to rely on your employees to decide what gets destroyed.
  • You have to create your own guidelines and make sure they adhere to both compliance and environmental laws.
  • You have to spend time training your employees on what should and shouldn’t be destroyed, and how to shred confidential documents in a secure manner.
  • Your office shredders may not be able to handle the amount of materials that needs to be destroyed.
  • You will need to monitor contents that are placed in trash or recycling bins.


    A bulk shredding option is the most straightforward approach and the most viable to perform internally. With a shred-all policy, employees are instructed to securely shred all information no longer needed for business or required by compliance law – as opposed to placing it in the trash.

    It takes the burden of deciding which documents should be shredded off of employees, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being left behind.

    Though this option is simple, it does require that your business have shredders that are easily accessible for all employees, and shredders that are resilient enough to withstand consistent, daily use.

    Establishing a secure shredding programme is a great first step, but simply implementing it is not enough. Regular monitoring is required to minimise risk, ensure ongoing compliance, and manage costs. If you are amongst the business leaders who understand the mission-critical importance of a secure shredding policy – but don’t want to incur the risk associated with a do-it-yourself strategy – then it’s time to consider partnering with a trusted provider like Iron Mountain Indonesia for document destruction.

    Why engage secure paper shredding services?

    Business documents and other media contain sensitive information that could become a liability to the company if they fell into the wrong hands. A secure shredding service gives you peace of mind that when you decide to purge your old documents, you are destroying them for good, with no chance of them resurfacing or finding their way into unlawful use.

    Using a shredding service means you can skip the arduous process of creating policies and following up with employees to make sure they are adhered to. The contents that you would like destroyed will be done so legally and securely, adhering to the latest document destruction regulations. Iron Mountain Indonesia will also provide a certificate of destruction attesting to the fact that the information has been destroyed as required.

    Reduce privacy risk with Iron Mountain document destruction & secure shredding services

    When it comes to choosing a document shredding service provider, there are plenty of vendors to choose from. Here’s why Iron Mountain Indonesia is your best choice:

    naid aaa certified logo
    Naid AAA certification from I-Sigma

    NAID from i-SIGMA is the only recognised independent source for security and ethics standards in the document destruction industry. NAID’s AAA-certification from i-SIGMA ensures Iron Mountain meets the highest legal and compliance regulations required for secure information destruction.

    NAID’s AAA-certification from i-SIGMA indicates that Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding service meets the highest legal and compliance regulations required for secure information and document destruction.

    Secure shredding services tailored to your needs

    With the Iron Mountain Connect online portal, you will be able to:

    Manage your shredding services by viewing scheduled visits and pending shredding orders at your convenience

    Make on-demand shredding service requests, add or close locations, and change the frequency of your paper shredding service

    On-demand reports to manage compliance and reduce the cost of your shred program

    Our Shred Usage Report is a valuable tool, providing the insight you need to better manage your document shredding program. By reviewing this report and identifying key trends over time, you will be able to correct potential compliance issues before they impact your business and identify opportunities to reduce costs.

    Proven document destruction workflows with the highest level of security

    Our operating shredding procedures and secure chain-of-custody processes are validated through decades of experience. Our InControl technology captures key information at the time of shred service at your location — including barcode scanning, shred container volume capture, and electronic signature and time/date stamp— providing you greater control and, more importantly, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sensitive information is always secure.

    Trained and vetted personnel

    Iron Mountain shred personnel pass comprehensive background checks and receive rigorous, ongoing training on secure shredding services. They are experts in their field and take pride in knowing they are not just shredding documents, but also protecting your business.

    World-class shredding facilities

    Iron Mountain shred facilities provide some of the industry’s most advanced systems to safeguard your information, including:

    Strict visitor policies

    24x7, closed-circuit television surveillance cameras

    Intrusion detection and environmental control systems

    Environmentally responsible

    Get the best of both worlds. By partnering with Iron Mountain, a company that provides a secure shredding service and offers a certified recycling programme, you get to support the environment and fulfil your corporate social responsibility (CSR) without compromising your confidentiality and security. After securely shredding your documents, Iron Mountain recycles all shredded material and provides a Certificate of Destruction for your audit purposes.

    Speak to our shredding experts today to learn how Iron Mountain can cater to your specific business needs.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Learn more about our entire range of popular secure shredding services, or reach out to ask questions of your own.

    What can Iron Mountain shred?

    The following CAN be securely shredded:

    • Clean paper, any colour and any size
    • Blueprints
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Brochures
    • Mail — including window envelopes
    • Photographs
    • X-rays
    • File folders, any colour (no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, or small binder clips)

    The following paper based materials can NOT be securely shredded:

    • Cardboard
    • Wet or mouldy material
    • Telephone books
    • Hardcover books
    • Plastic bags and packing material
    • Transparencies
    • ID badges and driver’s licences
    • X-rays
    Why should I shred my documents?

    Secure shredding allows businesses to safely destroy unnecessary paper based documents that may contain confidential information. Shredding can help prevent identity theft or data breach, free up space, and recycle documents.

    How do I prepare for a one-time shred service?

    1. If you are first time customer, please contact us.
    2. If you are existing customer, please follow the steps below.

    • Place an order online through the Iron Mountain Connect online portal.
    • Our Customer Support officer will contact you to schedule the service date.
    • If you are using the Offsite service, all material that needs to be destroyed should be placed in a dry box with a lid for our driver to pick up.
    Can you pick up the documents from a separate storage unit?

    Iron Mountain Indonesia does service most locations nationwide. Please contact us to verify that your location is accessible.

    Is the paper shredded onsite?
    • Iron Mountain does not provide onsite shredding services.
    • If you opt for the Offsite service, paper is picked up from your location and transported to a shredding facility for final shredding. You can request for a Certificate of Destruction once the service is complete.
    I have a one-time shred service, how do I know my materials have been destroyed?
    You can track the and request for a Certificate of Destruction to notify you that the service is complete.

    Why Iron Mountain?

    We have the experience and expertise to streamline your organisation while keeping your enterprise and customer data safe and secure. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

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