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27 March 20188 mins
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Managed Service Improves Security At Lower Cost


Financial Services


Outsourcing document archiving with minimal change and disruption to staff


Full document management services including bespoke database integration


  • Released cost savings and time to focus on core business
  • Greater security and simpler compliance
  • Superior end user experience

Multiple Project Challenges

Banque Populaire Rives de Paris (BPRI) operates in seven of the eight departments of the Île de France region as well as in Oise. As a co operative bank, it aims to build long-lasting relationships with business and private customers.

BPRI decided to dispose of its site at Morangis, a building that contained the bank’s document archive. This meant that around 140,000 boxes of client files, loan agreements, and other documents that were stored there needed to be relocated. The bank drew up a comprehensive technical specification to define the work. This included:

  • Secure disposal of 60,000 boxes of documents
  • Organising the logistics to relocate 82,000 boxes of documents of different sizes over a four-month period
  • Capability to handle 13,600 retrieval requests, 7,500 document integration requests, 10,400 destruction requests, and 10,000 new file insertions per year
  • Automation of document movement requests, integrating with its own bespoke document management programme, which needed to be retained to minimise business disruption and avoid the need for staff retraining.

Unique Integration

Following a competitive tender, Iron Mountain® emerged as the only one of eight applicants that could integrate an archiving service with the existing database and meet the other project challenges.

Michel Derrien, Head of Logistics at BPRI, agrees: “The professional response from Iron Mountain impressed us. Their agreement to develop a secure gateway to synchronise the transfer of encrypted data between our two information systems proved the determining factor in our choice of provider.”

The solution enables data integrity between the two systems while retaining a familiar working environment for staff to avoid a decrease in productivity. The solution also makes it easier to automate other document management tasks and issue invoices for around 3200 monthly document retrieval requests from bank employees.

Archiving requests are still processed using the same software and procedures. Submission and removal deadlines are also just the same. Outsourcing to iron mountain has been a great success.

Michel Derrien, Head of Logistics, Banque Populaire Rives de Paris

Savings with Room for Growth

Documents from the three existing BPRI archives were brought to an Iron Mountain logistics centre where they could be categorised. Any documents that were no longer required were securely destroyed. This reduced the size of the archive from 140,000 boxes to around 82,000 boxes of all shapes and sizes. Iron Mountain was able to accommodate non-standard box sizes and maintain the original BPRI record structure.

Around 750 boxes of documents are added to the archive every month. Retention periods range from five years to 80 years in accordance with company policy, legal, or statutory requirements.

By outsourcing day-to-day archive management to Iron Mountain, BPRI has been able to make substantial savings.

Free to Focus on Core Business

Compliance is also easier now as the bank no longer needs to worry about maintaining its own facilities to meet evolving requirements. Records are stored in accordance with the latest industry standards in a more secure facility with environmental controls to protect against deterioration. This leaves the bank free to concentrate on core business, while maintaining high quality service for its customers.

Iron Mountain met the crucial challenge of making this transition with minimal disruption to end-users of the bank’s document management system.

Michel Derrien concludes: “The outsourcing process has been completely transparent for the bank’s staff. Archiving requests are still processed using the same software and procedures. Submission and removal deadlines are also just the same. Outsourcing to Iron Mountain has been a great success.”

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