Iron Mountain Smart Sort helps law firms with document storage

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Explore how Iron Mountain experts help legal organisations stay on top of information's retention schedules and ensure compliant processing of client records.

24 August 20218 mins


Law firms manage a vast number of case files that need to be securely stored until they meet retention requirements. These records are typically stored according to the client’s contract number which means case files with varying destruction dates may reside in the same carton. This makes it difficult to easily identify records to defensibly destroy as they meet legal destruction eligibility.


Through Iron Mountain’s Smart Sort solution, we help law firms sort through their stored records and rebox files based on the destruction eligibility year or by the file’s unique client identification. At the end of the SmartSort engagement, the firm receives an up-to-date file level listing to enable accurate and efficient records management for defensible destruction.

With smart sort, you can

  • Easily Identify Destruction Eligibility
    • Iron Mountain leverages data from your existing database and retention schedule to assess destruction eligibility.
  • Enable Box-Level Destruction
    • Records will be sorted according to destruction eligibility year to simplify ongoing retention and destruction management.
  • Reduce Program Costs And Risks
    • Initiate immediate destruction of eligible records to reduce storage costs and mitigate legal discovery, audit and compliance risks.
  • Improve Find Rates
    • At the completion of your Smart Sort project, you will have an up-to-date file-level listing that enables accurate and efficient records management.

Holding on to records longer than needed will only increase cost and risk over time. Stop wasting precious budget and resources simply to delay the inevitable. Turn chaos into compliance with this cost-effective solution that enables you to organise for efficiency, immediately destroy eligible information and, ultimately, eliminate unnecessary cost and risk from your records.

To learn more, contact your Iron Mountain account manager directly, or fill out this form to request more information. Include the words “Smart Sort” in the comments section.