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Whether you're at the helm of a research library or a treasured local hub, you are faced with the challenge of balancing the evolving needs of your patrons while ensuring the protection of and access to your collections.

27 October 20234 mins
Woman reading a book in a library
Whether leading a research library or managing a treasured public library branch, you face the challenge of balancing your library and its patrons’ evolving needs, all while ensuring that your collections are protected and available. In addition to the traditional demand to create new spaces to support dynamic learning, social interaction, and collaboration, there is also an immediate need to foster spaces that encourage social distancing.
These demands put pressure on your limited library real estate and reduce available floor space for your valuable collections.

Investing in a library project calls for thoughtful consideration and careful planning to ensure you get the most out of your budget. You need a partner who has the experience and resources to help you think through your options and develop a plan that meets your institution’s goals.

You’ll benefit from working with experts who understand your unique requirements, including:

  • Preparing and inventorying collections for relocation
  • Reducing stack space for your collections
  • Digitizing special collections and unique content
  • Changing the way you provide services to your patrons