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Image on Demand is both an alternative document delivery service for retrieval of information from box or open-shelf storage, as well as a 'pay as you go' method for converting paper or film based information to a digital format over time, as it is needed.

20 March 20206 mins
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You're moving toward a digital information environment, but paper records continue to be an important part of your information workflows and archives. You would love to have a full conversion of your paper and film based information (e.g. microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards) to digital but 100% conversion of all those materials may not be a cost-efficient practice.

You continue to struggle with the challenges of paper based information, challenges that include difficulty finding the information you need when you need it, business process and workflow bottlenecks, increased risk associated with information security and privacy, and more. In light of a growing mobile workforce, you need a way to access physical files and share them with your team while they work remotely. You know ‘the drill’ as well as we do. If you have information that is film-based, you have the added headache of storing and maintaining the equipment needed to view the information.


  • Enable your remote workforce to have the information that you need rapidly available to you in digital form, regardless of the format that it has been stored in?
  • Get fast, easy and ‘green’ retrieval of the paper and film-based information that you have stored off-site?
  • Maintain a less expensive process for digitising your paper and film based information by using a 'pay as you go' service that requires no capital investment?


Image on Demand is an alternative document delivery service for converting low volumes of paper or film based information to a digital format over time, as it is needed. When you log into your Iron Mountain online ordering tool, you can request paper documents or pieces of film to be imaged from among the physical records and documents that you have stored with us. The Iron Mountain team retrieves, prepares and scans the material. Specialised scanners are used to convert information on film and in bound books to digital images.

The scanned information is indexed, inspected for quality, encrypted for security and securely delivered using a private sFTP. Your teams can access the images and data to continue executing their standard business processes. After scanning, we return the document to its original storage location. This ‘pay as you go’ service minimises costs by allowing you to image only the paper files that you need.



  • Be more effective by sharing information with those who need it while ensuring that information security and privacy are maintained.
  • Be more efficient by having the information that you need available to you in digital form.
  • Reduce your cost of converting physical information to digital by utilising a ‘pay as you go’ billing model.


With Iron Mountain’s Records Storage you’ll secure and protect your valuable physical records and documents and wrap a records management program around them.

Iron Mountain Digital Retrieval Services is a subscription solution that provides customers looking to digitise larger volumes of paper records stored in Iron Mountain’s facilities. Once your physical documents are digitised, you can securely store, search and access them in our digital storage repository.