At Iron Mountain, we understand the unique challenges, regulations, and requirements of the public sector, including government at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as within the field of education.

The Public Sector Solution

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You face growing pressure to implement cost-effective strategies that reduce the risks involved in protecting, managing and accessing information. Our Public Sector solution offers:

  • Off-site document management and storage – free up office space, increase security and improve access and management of your paper records.
  • Scanning and digitising – make your information quickly and easily accessible.
  • Full chain of custody – from record creation and retention to secure destruction.
  • Specialist storage – store your deteriorated documents in our BS5454 vaults with low-temperature and low-humidity environments.
  • Consultative approach – get advice from industry experts

Public Sector solutions

How does the Public Sector Solution help you?

We understand the challenges facing the Public Sector. Our solution enables you to protect your information, increase efficiency and reduce the risk of managing physical and digital data. We can help you manage:

  • People – free up your employees to focus on their core roles, by trusting an expert to handle your information.
  • Process – poor processes leave your organisation open to risk, we can manage your information so that there is consistency across all departments.
  • Property – estate rationalisation has a profound effect on records and information management, our solution ensures the relocation of records is secure and compliant.
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How does the Iron Mountain Public Sector solution help you?

How can I enhance value?

Establishing a strategy that supports the lifecycle of your information and assets enables better access to that information and allows your organisation to deliver superior value
We’ll help you increase efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and insights into important, measurable organisation metrics by working in a more digital manner and automating workflow processes.

How can I decrease costs?

Digital transformation provides better access to information and therefore significantly improves the citizen experience. However, to be successful, this approach will require your organisation to consider the entire information lifecycle.
Optimising capacity while simultaneously reducing redundancy and complexity will help you save time and even resources. We’ll help you make a plan to put into action.

How can I reduce risk?

All information has a lifecycle: it’s created, used, stored and accessed, and lastly, either destroyed or moved to an archive. This last step is crucial to reducing risk, but it’s one that often gets overlooked.
Within your agency, you need to maintain a strong approach to information lifecycle management. We’ll help you improve security and compliance, better enable discovery management, and support enterprise-wide information governance.
  • 70+
    Years of experience as an industry leader in the public sector
  • 900+
    Public trust-cleared personnel

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