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Restructure and execute a records management practice for timely access to your own information.

21 June 20188 min
Team lease - Records and documents in an Iron Mountain box.

Iron Mountain Does Not Just Store Your Information, Manages It.

Restructure and execute a records management practice for timely access to your own information.


To reduce backlog of paper records and streamline the document management process for quick retrievals.


Iron Mountain Records and Information Management Solution.

  • Timely Retrievals.
  • Free up employees time to focus on core business and better consumer experience
  • Improved turnaround time for responses to Customers

“Team Lease is with the best in Industry. We can actually relax and sit back knowing Iron Mountain is taking care of Team Lease’s information and related compliance. Iron Mountain is a Leader by Default.”

Hari Krishna Paidi Lakshmaiah
General Manager – Administration
Team Lease

Team Lease Services - Established in 2002 is now one of India’s leading providers of human resource services and foremost people Supply Chain Company with 8 regional offices and over 1000 full time employees. Team Lease services span the entire supply chain of human resources in India, covering 3 E’s - Employment, Employability and Education.

According to CRISIL, Team Lease is one of the largest temporary staffing companies in India in terms of revenues and No. of associate employees in 2014.

The company currently has 99,090 associates across the country and have till date provided employment to approx. 1.12 million people with an aim to hire millions more!


Understanding Team Leas’s core business of recruitment, approx. 1.12 million people have been recruited till now. In recruitment process a candidate has to fill out and submit 13 types of different document with resume. Team Lease then stores these collated documents for Compliance Purpose and Background Check. From this we can evaluate how much of records Team Lease must be generating on regular basis.

Team Lease was spending significant time looking for a right and required information. Even after investing lot of time, money and effort in managing records internally, there was no reliable or timely access to even the most active, necessary documents. Therefore, the customer needed to ratify significant changes in its Records Management Methodologies and processes.


When Team Lease decided to evaluate a vendor for Records Management, Iron Mountain stood out for its ability to deliver a single, comprehensive program for organisations across the country. The Iron Mountain team’s expertise and guidance on records retention made a lot of difference in Team Lease’s decision for choosing Iron Mountain.

It’s been 7 years Iron Mountain serving Team Lease for their Records Management and helping them restructure its process and resolve the issue of retrievals forever. By proper Barcoding, Indexing and filing Records, Iron Mountain has taken out all the Records Management challenges out of Customers hand and reduced its exposure to cost and risk.

In addition, with Iron Mountain Connect in place, Team Lease was ensured that they can manage their records in a compliant manner. RIM services gives transparency for the stored data. Team Lease has realised a significant reduction in the time and cost associated with retrieving stored records. "In past we had to pull 30 boxes to find the record we needed," said Mr. Hari, now we are able to retrieve one required document on time.”


By implementing Records Management Solution, Team Lease is able to dramatically improved turnaround time for retrieving records. Also, it helped them enhancing disaster preparedness, information safety and overall efficiency.

Leveraging past experience and the value Iron Mountain has added in Information Management process of Team Lease, the Customer now has chosen Iron Mountain as a partner for their Media Management requirement as well.

According to Mr. Hari, “Iron Mountain helped make process smooth and there are no more glitches in the services.”

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