Oceans of data. Seas of opportunity.

Oceans of data. Seas of opportunity.

Your organisation’s data and information are one of its most valuable assets.

But we know that managing what can seem like an ocean of data and information is a complex challenge. Workarounds and patchwork solutions are no longer enough in today’s high-compliance and competitive environment. Let us help you classify, organise, secure, digitise, automate and access all your information—whatever it is, wherever it is, however it’s stored, allowing you to unlock its value to drive growth and secure your organisation’s future. A process that we call, information transformation.

Goodbye patchwork. Hello Framework

The company that protects your data can help you unlock it, by transforming your information to unify assets and generate automated workflows. In the 70 years we’ve been helping customers manage their information and assets, we’ve seen how overwhelmed they can feel about the costs and extensive resources involved in storing and managing data and information right across their organisation.

Information transformation maturity guide

So we’ve developed an organisation-wide process using a maturity model that helps organisations identify where they are on their information transformation journey. Divided into 3 clear stages, you can pinpoint what your organisation is managing well in each stage and what gaps need to be filled.

Our process will help you classify, organise, secure, digitse, automate and access the data and information across your organisation. We’ll create the framework necessary to bridge the gaps between your physical and digital assets, and rich media, to extract value along its lifecycle, helping to build your organisational resilience.

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3-stage maturity model

Our maturity model helps your organisation identify where it is in its information transformation journey and what is the next logical step.

  1. Business-critical information management: identify the different types of data you have and how it’s managed. Consider things such as what can be digitised, are compliance requirements being met, and the disposal of outdated records.
  2. Business information optimisation: now that the data is visible you can optimise it through automation. Automate workflows and processes to boost productivity and improve information sharing between functions and automate compliance work to reduce risk.
  3. Business information transformation: Unlock previously unseen value in your data – make more informed business decisions, uncover new revenue streams, and improve analytics.
Maturity guide pyramid

What are the benefits?

Here’s just a few, download the maturity guide to see the full list:

  • Bridge the gap between your physical and digital information assets and improve operational efficiency.
  • Secure your information and dispose of unneeded data, assets and files to reduce your cyber security risk and operational costs.
  • Evolve with increasing regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Meet your ESG goals while cutting costs by streamlining your transport and logistics, paper use and IT asset recycling.

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