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This guide explains how a working with an experienced vendor to develop a secure and structured IT asset disposition program can help your organisation

26 July 20226 min
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Manage Your End-of-life Itassets Securely And Responsibly

As organisations migrate to new technologies to innovate, drive efficiencies and enable new ways of working, they can’t simply throw their old IT and office equipment in the bin. Security must stay top of mind.

To meet government and organisational mandates on environmental protection,companies need to dispose of it responsibly— and be able to prove they’ve done so.Organisations also need to be sure that anydata still held on those old assets won’t be compromised.

Not following defined processes for ITequipment disposal – or working with a supplier that doesn’t offer transparency across the disposition process – puts an organisation at risk of data breaches,regulatory penalties and a damaged brand reputation.

What You Gain

  • A secure and structured IT asset disposition strategy that helps your organisation avoid adding to the global e-waste problem
  • Reduced risk of data being lost, stolen or compromised during asset disposition
  • Confidence that your end-of-life assets are handled in line with environmental protection regulations
  • Access to the residual value of any reusable equipment, to help offset the costs of destruction and recycling

How This Affects You

  • If you don’t follow a defined, responsible disposition process, you could be adding to the global e-waste problem.
  • If you aren’t partnering with a trusted supplier, you may not be getting the best residual income for your re-marketable assets.
  • If you don’t know how your IT assets are being disposed of, you can’t be confident that any remaining data is protected.
  • If you work with a supplier who doesn’t provide visibility of the end-to-end disposition process, you can’t be certain your equipment is being handled in a secure, compliant way.

What If You Could...

  • Be confident your end-of-life equipment and assets are disposed of in a compliant, environmentally responsible manner?
  • Be sure that any remaining data is protected and deleted before asset disposition?
  • Track your equipment throughout the disposition process with a chain-of-custody audit trail, including certificates of data deletion and asset recycling and destruction?
  • Offset the costs of destruction and recycling by reclaiming residual competitive monetary value from equipment that can be remarketed?

Iron Mountain Secure It Asset Disposition Service

Iron Mountain’s Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD)service helps you destroy and recycle decommissioned and end of life IT and office equipment in a secure,compliant and environmentally responsible way. It also helps you get the best market value for reusable assets.

Data deletion and asset destruction. We delete any remaining data from your media and hard drives using certified data erasure or degaussing methods. We then destroy the assets in a way that complies with mandates and regulations.

Asset remarketing. We’ll help you get the most competitive re-market pricing through our extensive reseller database.

Asset recycling. Assets which can’t be remarketed will be safely recycled in line with best practices, mandates and regulations.

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