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Moving locations or closing offices? Re-configure your workspace? Reducing your current real estate to save cost? Or supporting a growing number of remote employees? Whatever your challenge, Iron Mountain’s Clean Start® program can help.

9 May 20226 min
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Small businesses are the heart of our communities. It’s hard to imagine them having a tougher time than during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a struggle and small businesses are worried about their future. Nearly 100,000 small businesses temporarily closed at some point and tragically some are now shuttered for good.

One of the top three expenses for any organisation is office space. Getting the square footage right is emerging as a key strategy to cut costs and put small businesses in a better rebuilding position.

To reduce expenses, many small businesses are considering the following:

  • Moving locations
  • Closing offices
  • Re-configuring current spaces
  • Allowing more employees to work remote

We are here to help your small business through these changes. With Iron Mountain Clean Start®, we’ll evaluate your workplace and make recommendations on how to optimize your real estate investment. This can be accomplished by clearing out everything you don’t need that’s currently occupying valuable space, including paper records, file cabinets, old servers, PCs, IT assets, office equipment, cabinets and furniture. We manage the clean-out process from start to finish while facilitating secure storage, destruction and donation.

From Physical To Digital…

Beyond the physical removal or storage of items, we evaluate your current processes to provide actionable advice on how to improve records and information management moving forward. With Iron Mountain Clean Start, you gain visibility into your records across locations along with recommendations on how to reduce compliance risk.

We also assess how you create, store and use information to help your business shift from physical to digital ways to work. We’ll recommend tools to help improve efficiency and support your remote employees with anytime, anywhere information.

To make the physical to digital shift, Iron Mountain can assist you with:

  • Active file management
  • Document scanning
  • Workflow automation
  • Cloud archiving

Iron Mountain Clean Start Success Story

A financial services company needed to cut office space in half. They sought to reduce space by limiting their reliance on paper.

To accomplish this square-foot reduction, here is how our Clean Start solution helped:

  • Designed a new workflow process for file collection (including creating an Iron Mountain monitored small, onsite records room) to store and manage active files in one central location
  • Cataloged paper records and moved them offsite to Iron Mountain storage
  • Securely destroyed obsolete paper and IT equipment


How Clean Start Works


Full, Flexible Menu Of Services

Store Records

Iron Mountain professionals help you identify records for relocation to our secure off-site facilities where they are tagged, classified, tracked with RIFD labels and easy to find through our Iron Mountain Connect™ web portal.

Destroy Records

Don’t pay for storage you don’t need. We securely destroy and recycle paper documents that have met retention requirements.

Secure It Asset Destruction (SITAD)

Avoid the chances of a data breach by having a clear strategy to securely destroy, recycle or repurpose media and other IT equipment that are no longer needed.

Relocate File Rooms Offsite

Offload the management of your file rooms to Iron Mountain’s experienced staff.

Digitise Documents And Automate Workflows

Our team works with you to create a document imaging solution and automate manual workflows like invoice processing to maximise your productivity.

Recycle Or Donate Furniture And Equipment

We coordinate the disposal of office furniture, cubicles, IT equipment, supplies, artwork and other unused assets.

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