Iron Mountain green report


Iron Mountain has launched their latest Green Report to help communicate the environmental benefits of your Secure Shredding programme.

28 March 202312 min

Shredding Green Report

Environmental issues are of utmost importance to our customers, so Iron Mountain has launched their latest Green Report to help communicate the environmental benefits of your Secure Shredding programme. In addition to providing you with the resources and expertise you’ll need to create, implement and monitor a secure and compliant information destruction programme, Iron Mountain recycles 100% of your shredded materials. The Green Report contains a total of all paper shredded and recycled during your specified time period, as well as helpful descriptions of your environmental benefits, such as trees and water saved.

Taking Action on Sustainability

Many organisations are setting ambitious climate goals and reporting on their sustainability efforts. As part of this process, organisations are engaging with their suppliers to assess their upstream and downstream environmental impact. Iron Mountain’s Green Report provides you with tonnage data that can be used in ESG reporting and applied toward corporate recycling and landfill diversion goals. Customers are encouraged to share this data with their sustainability departments to ensure all paper waste data is accounted for.

Understanding Your Impact

By recycling your unneeded documents, you are contributing to the circular economy by putting materials back into the workstream, which reduces the need to harvest and process virgin materials.

Did you know shredding and recycling 10 tons of paper (roughly 1,000 Iron Mountain boxes) saves an estimated:

  • 240 trees
  • 120 Refrigerators’ energy use
  • 11 Cars’ annual CO2 output
  • 380 bathtubs of water
  • 63 trash bags of waste

Many customers find it helpful to share these environmental impacts with their employees to highlight the positive steps your organisation is taking to reduce landfill waste and support recycling efforts.

About the Report

Iron Mountain has leveraged the Paper Calculator from the Environmental Paper Network, a respected, credible, and influential voice on pulp and paper sustainability issues across the global supply chain and paper’s life cycle. This publicly-available life cycle assessment methodology allows users to have a better sense of the environmental impact of paper and helps shape more environmentally-responsible practices.

Iron Mountain offers more ways to meet zero waste to landfill and recycling goals, while helping customers protect their data. Explore options to refurbish and recycle retired IT Assets with our Secure IT Asset Disposition programme.

For existing customers who have been leveraging the green report and have questions on how to compare the newest figures, please contact

*The Paper Calculator uses the most available data to calculate the environmental impacts of paper production, the majority of which is from the North American paper industry. While this data is used to understand environmental impacts by organisations worldwide, there are regional differences in processes which are not captured in the Paper Calculator.