Reduce risk, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability as you elevate your workplace with Iron Mountain Clean Start®.

Records and information management

Iron Mountain Clean Start®

Transforming your workplace in Today's Changing Times

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Reduce real estate costs and optimise your workspace

The world has changed, and the way we work has too. Today’s new normal means rethinking office space to ensure employee well-being, reduce costs, and support a productive workforce.

Iron Mountain Clean Start® can help you navigate today’s changing workplace requirements, from dedensifying and reconfiguring the office for social distancing to office closures or moving to a more digital way of working.

Our skilled team will conduct an assessment of your workplace and provide recommendations on how you can maximise real estate by clearing out materials occupying valuable space, including paper records, filing cabinets, servers, PCs and IT assets, office equipment, cabinets, furniture, artwork and more.

We’ll manage the clean-out process and facilitate the secure destruction or donation of the items you don’t need and the temporary or permanent storage of the ones you do.

Clean Start - Transforming your workspace begins with an Iron Mountain Clean Start

With Iron Mountain clean start, you can:
  • Reduce your real estate footprint to lower costs
  • Repurpose space for higher-value alternatives and social distancing
  • Recoup closets and storage space stuffed full of outdated IT assets, and unneeded office furniture and equipment

Supporting Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation to support virtual workforces. After assessing how your organisation creates, stores, and uses information, we’ll recommend tools such as active file management, document scanning, and workflow automation to improve efficiency and support remote employees with anytime, anywhere access to information.

How Clean Start works


1. Assess

A Clean Start expert from Iron Mountain conducts a complimentary onsite or virtual assessment of your office space(s) to better understand your real estate priorities, challenges, onsite information, and space usage. 
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2. Summarise

You’ll receive a summary report of areas of risk and recommendations that align with your short-term and long-term goals. This report can be used to drive internal collaboration.

3. Plan

Together, we’ll create a plan to manage and execute on project- or portfolio-wide priorities to help you reduce risk, improve productivity, and enhance sustainability as you transform your workplace.
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Secure Offsite Storage

Iron Mountain professionals can help you identify records for relocation to our secure off-site facilities where they will be tagged and classified, tracked with RIFD labels, and easy to find when with our Iron Mountain Connect web portal.

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Media storage

Iron Mountain® Offsite Vaulting services provide you with a comprehensive data protection solution for transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup media from a secure, offsite facility.

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Smart Sort

Leverage Iron Mountain when you need help with your records management organisation. With Iron Mountain Smart Sort sort, organise, and manage physical files at scale

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Art Storage

Iron Mountain provides secure storage, climate-controlled vaults, viewing areas, consultation, installation and project management services for art collectors all over the world.

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Secure IT Asset Destruction (SITAD)

Avoid the chances of a data breach by having a clear strategy for securely destroying, recycling or repurposing media and other IT equipment.

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Data Centre Colocation

Our data centres and colocation facilities provide the reliability, security and energy efficiency you would expect and our experienced personnel help you mitigate risks with comprehensive compliance support and end-to-end migration services.

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Workflow Automation

Whether you are looking for a faster and more accurate monthly close, or want more time to put the human back in Human Resources, we have a solution that will support your department’s critical business goals.

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Our team will work with you to create a document imaging solution designed to achieve your short-and long-term objectives. Our experts will recommend ways to increase efficiency by managing your information digitally.

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

We are experts in information management. In addition to item removal and/or storage, we’ll evaluate your current processes and provide actionable advice on how to improve records and information management.

With our expertise, you’ll gain visibility into your records across all locations and departments, and our recommended policies and procedures will help reduce your compliance risk.

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