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In the complex and competitive life sciences sector, managing the growing volume of data and protecting research and development (R&D) investments requires solutions that unlock and extend the value of information.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical, medtech, biotechnology, or medical device company, or a clinical or research laboratory, our end-to-end solutions can help you transform your discoveries and accelerate product lifecycle management.

Achieve new levels of digitization that empower your workforce, gain deeper insights for efficient operations, and elevate compliance and security protocols throughout your enterprise.  

Trusted and tested solutions

The life sciences industry is facing unprecedented change. The importance of information to fuel innovation, demonstrate product quality, provide evidence of efficacy, manage market distribution and address regulatory compliance is critical to success. This information must be protected and managed throughout its lifecycle, yet be accessible for the organisation to unlock value and gain strategic insight. Is your information management program able to keep up?

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The face of life sciences is changing

Keep compliant. Stay compliant.

Keep up with Regulatory Requirements

The development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are governed by a wide range of regulations, including patent law, electronic signature laws, good lab practices, good clinical practices and patient privacy and consent laws – requiring organisations to retain information in the event of an audit or legal discovery request.

Access your Information Across the Enterprise

While your organisation may have records and information management policies, they may not be consistently implemented. Having the right information at the right time is critical to comply with regulations and protect intellectual property, yet records are often dispersed across departments and locations, making them difficult to find when needed.

Apply Consistent Policy

With Iron Mountain, you can have well-documented and easily enforceable policies that apply across information types and across the enterprise -- enabling you to achieve compliance. And, by understanding your information and where it resides, you can ensure that it is protected, recoverable and secure throughout its lifecycle.
  • 90%
    More than 90% of Fortune 1000 organizations, including the Top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, trust us to store and manage their most valuable information and assets
  • 1B+
    Our customers trust us to store and protect more than 1 billion medical images and more than 1 billion pathology slides
  • 68+
    Our expertise extends beyond a paper trail; we manage more than 68 exabytes of data
  • 350MW+
    Sustainable data center capacity

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

We have the experience and expertise to streamline your organisation and build operational agility while keeping your data safe—and secure. We are especially proud to partner with life sciences organisations like yours. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

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