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Looking for more storage space?

We know that keeping boxes filled with documents takes up valuable offices space and time. Records storage, whether temporary or archive, needs to be secure, easily accessible and compliant with regulations.

Whether you are opening your new business, launching your start up or entering the entrepreneurship era, you will still need to go through the company formation procedures of dealing with legal and compliance paperwork, setting up your office space or hiring your adequate employees.

Iron Mountain's small businesses, startups & SMEs offer enable you to focus on setting up your business while we facilitate a flexible, economical and safe platform of records & information management services.

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Your go-to partner for small business information lifecycle management

So how can you optimize your company’s productivity? Where will you store your crucial documents? How will you comply with your local legislation?

Business Optimization

Iron Mountain’s Physical & Electronic Records & Management Solutions will allow you to efficiently and accurately store and manage the documents and files and allow you to better concentrate on growing your business.


With Iron Mountain, no more struggling to pay additional rental space to safely store your important documents or hire resources to manage them. You also don’t have to incur the charges of an expensive service to satisfy your archiving needs.


Our offering allows you to focus on your business and benefit from a very straight forward service with fixed payment methods. With our cutting edge technology, we enable you to access your documents simultaneously with just a click.

Risk Mitigation

How many times did you try to find misplaced files or mitigate from the risk of losing them? To establish a sustainable business and avoid any type of disruptions, you will imperatively need to look into implementing a safe & secure records environment.

Providing powerful small business solutions to keep you at the top of your game

How do I get documents from paper to digital?

Some small businesses need daily access to 100% of the physical documents stored onsite. But do you? If you’re looking to incorporate document scanning and digital storage solutions into your information management process, we can help.


With Iron Mountain’s document scanning services, you can move more of your physical documents and files offsite while sharing important (digitised) information quickly throughout your business. It’s also easy to request digital scans of documents that you need to access or use frequently through the Iron Mountain Connect™ secure online portal.

How do I safely dispose of my old IT assets?

If your business owns and maintains electronic devices, the day will come when those assets require disposal in a correct—and trackable—way.


Our IT asset tracking capabilities are unparalleled. We can support small and large projects to meet the ongoing ad-hoc IT asset disposition (ITAD) needs for one office, multiple offices, or many offices globally. 

What do I do with all of my records?

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your awareness gap when it comes to compliance regulations, you might be surprised to learn how an efficient records management system can make all the difference.


Taking steps to improve your information management has many benefits. If you're ready to develop an information management strategy, download this handy resource guide to learn more.

What if I don’t have a secure shredding solution for my confidential documents?

Who doesn't want peace of mind, visibility, and confidence when it comes to document destruction and shredding?


Partner with Iron Mountain for all of your shredding needs. When you leverage our onsite and offsite shredding solutions, you gain the flexibility to tailor information disposal to your business needs.

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    Small businesses rely on us to protect their information, unlock insights, and transform their operations

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    Iron Mountain is trusted by more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies

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    We have a global reach operating in dozens of countries across five continents

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    Our hundreds of storage facilities are ready to serve your small business offsite storage needs

When we take our documents and turn them over to Iron Mountain to shred, I really don't have anything to worry about.

Don PollardFranchise Owner, The UPS Store

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

We have the experience and expertise to streamline your organisation while keeping your enterprise and customer data safe and secure. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

About Us

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to information lifecycle management for your small business, we know that you probably have some questions. We have the answers.

What happens to our physical documents that are digitized by Iron Mountain?

You are able to select from several disposition options for your physical documents:

  • Your physical documents can be returned to you
  • Your physical documents can be stored in an Iron Mountain record center
  • Your physical documents can be securely shredded
When disposing of IT assets, how far do I have to go?

Whichever term you use—decommission, retire, or deactivate—eventually IT hardware reaches the end of its intended lifespan. At that point, secure ITAD becomes the last step in your own IT asset management (ITAM) lifecycle. Here are some key questions to consider when vetting an outside provider for the task of IT asset disposal.

What are the benefits of offsite storage for my small business?

1. Free up office space. Without piles of boxes and overflowing filing cabinets, your team can use your costly office space for more productive business tasks.

2. Access a locally powered team. We help establish a fast, convenient, and personalized file management process between you as a small business owner and a dedicated Iron Mountain account manager.

3. Reduce costs. Offsite document services reduce costs of document storage and labor and administration—helping you lower costs for office space, records retrieval, and transportation.

What if I need my records back?

When you need some (or all) of your records back, retrieval requests can be made through our easy-to-use online account management tool, Iron Mountain Connect™. Standard and rush retrieval services are available for your documents, and we can even scan your records to digitize them for immediate, secure remote access. Simply request the digital file copies you want, and they’ll be sent to you within 24 hours.

Why is outsourcing my digitization a smart choice for me and my small business?

When small businesses try to digitize their workflows and data in-house, it’s a massive capital investment that not only places a significant strain on staff, but also results in inefficiencies and errors when staff work outside their areas of expertise. Instead, why not reap these benefits of digitization outsourcing?

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