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Your guide to Image on Demand

7 February 20247 mins
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What is Image On Demand?

Iron Mountain Image on Demand service enables the digital retrieval of the physical records and documents that you have stored in an Iron Mountain Record Center. This pay-as-you-go solution enables fast, secure digital access to your documents wherever and whenever you need them.

Why would I use Image On Demand?

Image on Demand is an alternative to your scheduled physical file delivery. This solution enables you to:

  • Get easy, ‘green’ digital access to your business-critical documents
  • Receive access to your documents as fast as within 24 hours, depending on the size of your request.
  • Reduce your cost of converting physical information to digital by utilizing a ‘pay-as-you go’ model
  • Utilize Iron Mountain’s scanning experts who have 20+ years of experience in scanning.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, customers use Iron Mountain Connect™, our web-based customer hub, to select the required document(s) to be imaged from among the physical records and documents that they have stored with us. Only authorized Iron Mountain Connect™ users can place an order or retrieve the requested images. Users can easily track and manage their Image on Demand order anywhere with the Iron Mountain® Mobile app.

What if I have questions when I’m ordering?

If you need help while placing your order, click on the Virtual Coach tool in Iron Mountain Connect™. Virtual Coach will guide you through the process of placing your order. If you need additional help, our Customer Care team will assist you.

What are the steps for converting to a digital file?

Once you have placed your order, the Iron Mountain team will retrieve and prepare your file(s). Preparation may include removal of staples and paperclips, alignment of pages and repair of damaged documents.

Once your documents have been prepped, they’re ready to be scanned. Documents in good condition are automatically fed into the scanner. Fragile or damaged documents are manually placed on a flatbed for scanning.

How do I receive my files?

When you retrieve a file from Iron Mountain using Image on Demand, you will receive an electronic image of the file that you request, sent to a secure content repository.

What happens to my physical files once they’ve been scanned?

Your original documents are returned to a secure storage location in an Iron Mountain Record Center.

How secure is Image On Demand?

During the capture process, the capture software uses disk storage as cache, re-using and overwriting older information. The output images and index information will be held for 30 days. Our secure, content repository uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), a protocol for transmitting documents via the Internet using encryption technology. This ensures an extremely high level of data transmission security through industry standard encryption technology. As information is transferred between the server and the Web clients, all data is encrypted. Your electronic information will be encrypted at rest and during transmission across a secure network with access restricted to authenticated users within your company.

Your original, physical files remain in Iron Mountain’s custody. The Image on Demand Security Data Sheet describes the process in more detail.

Why should I convert my documents to digital format?

There are many situations where the inherent limitations of physical documents make them more costly and cumbersome to manage than digital documents. Common reasons for converting include:

  • Accelerating business processes by providing faster, more flexible access to documents
  • Streamlining the sharing of documents among multiple users and across many locations
  • Reducing space requirements and costs for physical document storage and management
  • Ensuring quick restoration of essential records following a natural or man-made disaster

We use Iron Mountain for storage of paper records. Why should we use you for Imaging too?

Unique expertise: Iron Mountain is the global leader for storage and information management services. We are uniquely qualified to assist in integrating the management of your physical and electronic documents – and the conversion of one to the other. Our integrated approach allows us to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.

A single chain of custody: Our seamless solutions eliminate chain-of-custody issues – such as misplaced records, missed or late handoffs, and finger pointing – that often result from working with multiple vendors.

How much will it cost?

Every solution is unique, and cost can vary depending on many factors including:

  • The amount of work required to prepare the documents for scanning
  • The type and size of scanner required. Large formats (e.g. engineering drawings), bound books and microfilm require specialized scanners
  • The condition of documents to be scanned and whether they can be auto fed or must be hand-fed
  • The work required to re-assemble physical documents once scanning is completed
On average, the cost for Image on Demand is comparable to the price of physical file delivery - with a quicker turnaround time.