Iron Mountain Clean Start

Be it office relocation, reconfiguration or closure, Iron Mountain Malaysia’s Clean Start can support you in your digital workplace transformation journey.

Iron Cloud Backup: Cloud Storage for Backup

Need cloud storage for backup? Iron Cloud Backup solutions by Iron Mountain Singapore ensure your data is securely backed up in the cloud while remaining accessible.

Data Centre Decommissioning

Iron Mountain Malaysia’ Data Centre Decommissioning can help with hard drive (HDD) degaussing and disposal, system and network decommissioning, and server recycling.

Cloud Migration And Data Recovery Services

Migrate your database to the cloud and ensure timely restoration of backup data with Iron Mountain Malaysia’s cloud migration and data recovery services.

Digital Mailroom

Streamline mail operations and connect data digitally across organisational silos

Disaster Recovery Services & Solutions

Make disaster recovery part of your business continuity plan. Iron Mountain Malaysia provides disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), from consulting to support.

Document Scanning & Digital Storage

Find document scanning services near you with Iron Mountain Malaysia’s document imaging and digital storage. Scan files of all formats to create a digital workplace.

Iron Cloud: Cloud Storage & Data Management

Need cloud file storage for your business? Iron Cloud by Iron Mountain Malaysia provides various cloud-based online file storage and data management solutions.

InSight Intelligent Document Processing

Digitise, store, automate, and unlock the power of your data through the power of automation

Asset Lifecycle Management

From asset deployment and tracking to electronic waste disposal, let Iron Mountain Malaysia’ IT Asset Lifecycle Management Service protect your data and bottom line.

Secure Storage

Store physical documents in a secure vault with data protection & climate-controlled facilities with Iron Mountain Malaysia’s offsite commercial records storage centre.

Offsite Tape Backup & Vault Storage

Iron Mountain Malaysia offers secure Offsite Tape Vaulting services for tape backup and archiving, tape library moves, and climate-controlled tape drive storage.

Reporting And Inventory Management

Different types of records may require different strategies, especially when it comes to inventory

Smart Sort

Efficiently unmingle your commingled files—all without a complex, labor-intensive discovery project

Secure Document Shredding Services

Looking for confidential document shredding services? Let Iron Mountain Malaysia protect your data with secure paper shredding and document destruction.

Smart Reveal

Reveal what you have—and potentially who is the rightful owner of each records box