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Your business needs to thrive in today’s digital world, rising to the challenges of a decentralised workforce and new strategies in management while responding to constantly innovating modern systems. These are difficult tasks, reliant on your company’s ability to adapt to the new digital environment where you can thrive.

Within the strategically organised system your business relies on, there are mountains of important data. This information drives your business, informing development for your customers and your employees. For this data to keep up with the current modern demands, your company’s data management strategy needs to depend on secure cloud-based online file storage systems.

  • Accessibility: Guarantee your data is available and accessible when you need it.
  • Security & Data Protection: Your data is protected in our multiple secure underground data centres with advanced network and encryption.
  • Operational efficiencies: Automated workflows provide reliable operations for data in the cloud.
  • Comprehensive managed services: Pay only for the data that is being protected, not planned or allocated capacity.
  • Predictable costs: Straightforward pricing models give you control of your data and budget.
  • How a multi-tier data storage can cut costs, simplify operations, and improve security

    Iron Mountain® Iron Cloud is a new approach to cloud storage for your business.

    Iron Mountain Malaysia provides premium cloud-based digital file storage and data management solutions. Whether you are storing for backup, archive or disaster recovery, our comprehensive portfolio of fit-for-purpose cloud storage solutions will help you modernise your data management strategy and better protect, preserve and unlock the full value of your data. With assured security protection, predictable costs, and flexible options, Iron Cloud, Iron Mountain’s cloud storage system, will bring your data management up to date.

    Iron Cloud will equip your company with the tools for success in today's digital world. Elevating the data you rely on into cloud file storage will provide your company with untold opportunities for innovation and security.

    Why choose storage & data management?

    Depending on an outdated data management system is risky and inefficient. The constant running of a traditional data management system on-premises may work for a workforce that is centrally located, but the rise of remote and hybrid work has complicated the data dissemination process. Your company may find itself investing in high cost security measures and struggling with upkeep, not to mention the potential chaos and permanent data loss if hard drives and hardware fails or malfunctions.

    Leaders are turning to digital file storage and data management tools that ensure connection to your cloud storage wherever, whenever. With Iron Mountain taking care of cloud data management maintenance and updates, your company’s IT department will be free to focus on delivering value, resulting in:

    • Improved analytics and data-processing quality
    • Ease of removal of replicated and outdated data
    • Reduced pressure on the workforce
    • Enhanced security processes to prevent data issues
    • Smoother operations and processes
    • Cost savings

    Iron Cloud delivers an intelligent long-term data retention strategy, managed by cloud storage experts who will maintain consistency in data management, ensure data security, and comply with the ever-changing regulations.

    Find the ideal Cloud torage solution for your business:

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    Comprehensive Data Management Solution

    • Data lifecycle management for short or long term retention
    • Data migration services accelerate efficiencies
    • Managed services that are application and business aware
    • Deep storage for economic long term retention
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    Predictable Costs

    • Accessibility with monthly egress included
    • Reduce the cost and burden of managing legacy infrastructure
    • You have control of your data – access and move your data without hidden fees
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    Unique Data Centre Security Footprint

    • Data and replicated across multiple underground Iron Mountain data centres
    • Hybrid deployment capabilities
    • Ensures data is always compliant with standards like PCI-DSS 2.0, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX/GLBA, ISO 27001

    Find the ideal Cloud torage solution for your business:

    Iron Cloud Backup

    Challenge: Replicate data off-site so it is protected, yet available for fast and efficient recovery

    Cloud Backup Solution: Flexible, on-demand backup service featuring end-to-end encryption

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    Iron Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

    Challenge: Minimise downtime due to disaster

    Cloud Backup Solution: Hybrid cloud solution to protect critical data and applications

    Learn More

    Iron Cloud Archive

    Challenge: Long-term data storage for compliance, conservation or value-creation

    Cloud Backup Solution: Pay-as-you-use cloud storage with enterprise-class SLAs, stringent security protocols and near-infinite scalability

    Learn More

    Iron Cloud Data Restoration & Migration

    Challenge: Restore backup data quickly when faced with an audit, litigation or discovery request

    Cloud Backup Solution: Migrate data to new systems and restore required data timely to ensure compliance

    Learn More

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    Over 68 exabytes of data protected


    A purpose-built platform for data management as a service

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