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You’re responsible for strategic priorities, such as effectively managing a ‘ready now’ workforce that drives organizational effectiveness and profitability.

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Business Challenge

You’re responsible for strategic priorities, such as effectively managing a ‘ready now’ workforce that drives organizational effectiveness and profitability. You’re entrusted with maintaining employee’s sensitive information and must protect their data according to ever increasing privacy regulations. That’s tough when are you are responsible for many tactical and administrative tasks that eat up your time. You lack the tools to automate the routine and repetitive steps of your HR processes, yet capital and IT investments for HR systems are challenging in the current business environment. 

How this affects you

  • You’re spending time on administrative tasks that you could be using to focus on the ‘human’ in Human Resources.
  • Your workflow processes have bottlenecks and delays that reduce your employee service level and allow your coworkers to use process ‘short cuts’ and ‘workarounds.’
  • You lack visibility to processes within your department that would enable you to proactively track, manage and report quantitative insights to Senior Management.

What if you could

  • Streamline your HR processes and improve your employee service level while freeing time to spend on workforce management?
  • See dashboards that provide real time visibility into your HR processes, and use those metrics and data for powerful insights?
  • Solve your information management challenges without purchasing a new system or burdening your IT organization?
  • Easily stay up-to-date on document retention regulations and automatically dispose of documents at the end of their retention period?

Iron Mountain® Workflow Automation™ powered by Hyland – for human resources

With Workflow Automation powered by Hyland – for Human Resources you’ll enable employees and internal business partners to participate in workflows that support the business. You’ll be able to define the processes that others need to follow and automate the routing of documents to those who need to act on or respond to them, regardless of their location or desire to use mobile devices. You’ll be able to automate escalation notices of delays in processes and documentation missing from employee files. You’ll have centralized visibility providing the oversight you need with dashboards that arm you with data and metrics that deliver powerful insights – all without the need to rely on IT.

You’ll also be able to remove tedious steps in a process, such as creating checklists and searching for missing documents. And you can automate the retrieval of documentation needed to support inquiries, audit requests and pending litigation.

When you use Workflow Automation powered by Hyland – for Human Resources, you’ll be better able to protect your organization from risks associated with compliance, security and privacy lapses. You’ll be able to apply document retention rules to relevant documents. You’ll be able to easily run reports to review documents eligible for disposition. You’ll be able to automatically dispose documents when they meet their retention period and receive a certificate of destruction to provide proof of compliance. You’ll have audit trail with documentation that tracks changes and activities that have been performed on folders and files, such as viewing and printing.

We take data center safeguarding and compliance seriously. Your information will reside securely within a data center infrastructure that is directly managed by Iron Mountain.

Your data will be encrypted at rest and during transmission across a secure network. In the unlikely event that documents are accessed by an unauthorized person, the data will not be viewable.

Workflow Automation powered by Hyland – for Human Resources is available with the following complementary services, to create a solution that can remove paper from your information management responsibilities:

  • Advisory Services
  • Document Scanning Services
  • Secure Storage Services

Our Advisory Services team can help you customize your document retention rules.

With our Document Scanning Services, you can have paper documents scanned and indexed, with metadata applied, for easy data retrieval.

With our Secure Storage Services, you’ll secure and protect your valuable physical records and documents and wrap a records management program around them.

With the Iron Mountain® Workflow Automation powered by Hyland – for Human Resources you’ll gain the benefits of best-in-class technology, all for a predictable monthly subscription fee, avoiding capital investment and any need to burden your IT department. You’ll leverage our ability to link your physical and electronic records, wherever they reside, industry best-practice processes, facilities and personnel and our 65+ years experience protecting customers’ information security and privacy.

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