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We’re here to protect and elevate the power of your work — whatever it is, wherever it’s located, however it’s stored. Find out how we do it.

10 June 202412 mins
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Our purpose

Iron Mountain protects, unlocks, and extends the value of your organisation’s information and assets from creation to destruction... and every step in between.

A box of financial records, a piece of artwork, or a collection of digital archives is more than just output and objects: it’s your work. It’s the result of the time, energy, and resources that have propelled your organisation for years. And in this work lies the insight and power to continue driving your business forward.

For over 70 years, this is what Iron Mountain has protected. This is what we’ve stored. Transported. Defensibly destroyed. Digitised. Mitigated.

What does Iron Mountain do?

Iron Mountain provides a suite of information lifecycle management solutions for billions of assets worldwide. We are your one strategic partner to bring paper, data, media, and physical and digital assets through secure workflows, meticulous preservation, and complex business processes.

From fine art and asset preservation to information management, data migration, and secure disposal, we provide trusted and innovative solutions that lower risk and help your organisation succeed. This is what we’ve transformed - your work.

  • Reduce risk
  • Enable sustainability
  • Increase productivity
  • Monetise assets
  • Drive efficiency
  • Promote compliance


We provide storage and logistics of records and documents, rich media, fine art, data, and inventory with over 1450 facilities worldwide.


We scan physical documents, rich media, art, and even heritage sites - creating digital assets for nearly anything.


We enrich information to enable insights and workflow automation, improving accuracy, speed, efficiency, innovation, and monetisation.


We provide security, compliance, and privacy services across every stage of the information management lifecycle.


We recycle or destroy paper, electronic devices, mixed media, and plastics in a defensible and sustainable manner.


We listen carefully to understand your pressures, priorities, and challenges so we can provide the right solution for your needs.

How do we partner with you?

Trusted by more than 225,000 customers, Iron Mountain is an industry leader committed to being a force for good.

Our relationship is a true partnership in which you can rely on us not only to preserve institutional knowledge and enhance efficiency, security, access, and sustainability but to make your work mean more. We offer a suite of lifecycle management solutions to meet today’s complex business challenges.

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