Law firm relied on clean start to declutter, reduce risk, and become more organised

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After years of normal operations, M&A activity, and employee turnover, a US-based law firm struggled with a cluttered and disorganised workplace.

April 29, 20248 mins
Become More Organized with Clean Start

With unsecured documents and other information assets creating the risk for a data breach, negatively impacting employee productivity, and limited resources and expertise to solve the problem in-house,the organisation turned to Iron Mountain Clean Start for help.


A cluttered office environment due to years of normal operations, M&A activity,and employee turnover.

Unsecured and disorganised information assets,including documents andIT equipment, located throughout the workplace.

Limited in-house resources or expertise to securely cleanup and organise space.


Iron Mountain Clean Start®


Labor support and expertise to build an inventory database and organise over 70,000 physical records.

Secure destruction of over 3.6 million documents that were past retention date.

Itemised secure destruction and recycling of obsolete IT assets.

Remediation and recovery of water damaged records.