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Thoughtfully manage information, no matter the source, improve compliance programs and gain business efficiencies, accelerate digital transformation

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Business as usual is no longer an option

Every day insurers are faced with an ever-growing volume and variety of information distributed across multiple locations, systems and platforms. Every day more data -- including new claims, policy changes, detailed financial information and other business communications -- enter your business.   Finding innovative ways to understand and derive value from all of this information is crucial to your success.

Adding to the complexity, hardly a day goes by when a regulator does not assess your insurance program. Regulatory compliance is a given in the insurance industry and demands insurance carriers not only protect and preserve data – physical and electronic – but also prevent against inadvertent disclosures and data loss as well as data breaches.

Safely and consistently managing it all may seem like a never-ending challenge; but it does not have to be. Iron Mountain has the experience to help you:

  • thoughtfully manage information, no matter the source
  • improve financial services compliance programs and gain business efficiencies
  • accelerate digital transformation
  • ensure data protection while maintaining 24/7 access to information


Manage Your Information with a Solution Insurers Trust

We make it easy to manage your information throughout its lifecycle.

Insurance firms must maintain both physical and electronic records for long periods of time. Iron Mountain offers reliable and secure storage options no matter where that information originates.

Whether you need to back up laptops and servers, archive cloud data, set up a data center, or recover information from older systems, we can help. Our innovative solutions will help to achieve your digital transformation goals by allowing you to store any remaining paper offsite while digitizing your information going forward.  We also provide you with the tools to automate business workflows and maintain online access to your records.

Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements to manage the records critical to your business.

  • 1,400+
    Our footprint spans 1,400+ facilities in 50+ countries
  • 65+
    We’ve spent nearly seven decades working with insurance industry partners
  • 28%
    We have assisted other insurers with reducing their combined physical records by up to 28% over a five year period
  • 2,700
    Thousands of insurance carriers benefit from our suite of solutions and services
We had already had very good past experience with Iron Mountain in the area of paper archiving…we were convinced that the company could supply all the services associated with archiving, scanning, transporting files, and data exchange.
Thomas HübnerHead of Applications Management, Swiss Life
Our specialists audited the Iron Mountain facilities, including processes, security, and fire protection arrangements. Iron Mountain satisfied all our requirements and tabled a cost-effective proposal.
Raphael LamskemperHead of Document Logistics, Germany, Zurich Service GMBH

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Why Iron Mountain ?

We have the experience and expertise to streamline your business while keeping your customers’ data safe—and secure. We are especially proud to partner with insurance institutions like yours. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

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Digital-first innovators are making a splash in the insurance industry, leading to an electronic revolution and evolution of paper-intensive processes. Consider partnering with Iron Mountain to assist in your digital transformation

How can digital transformation within my firm lead to more efficiencies and a reduction in costs?
Information is often scattered across different systems that don’t communicate or speak the same “language.” This disconnect creates delays in which the lack of uniformity and automation slows down internal processes and procedures.Iron Mountain helps insurers digitise these processes and paper forms, which in turn unlocks the value of your data.

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