Unemployment claims, a pandemic, and The Digital Mailroom


Find out how one of the largest states in the US used the dramatic increase in unemployment claims caused by the pandemic as an opportunity to streamline its mailroom operations, leading to a more efficient intake process and quick customer service when it counted most.

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Unemployment claims a pandemic and the digital mailroom - Documents on the table in the office


Deliver swift correspondence for incoming flood of unemployment claims in one state’s physical mailroom.

To say the pandemic had a major impact on our economy would be an extreme understatement.

And the amount of incoming mail due to unemployment claims increased dramatically as a result of COVID-related layoffs. One of the largest states in the US took this time as an opportunity to streamline its mailroom operations.

While the mailroom is generally thought of as a traditional back-office function, the pandemic put it in the spotlight. This state needed a way to expedite its unemployment claims while simultaneously applying the correct policies to meet federal regulatory and confidentiality requirements.


Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom

To handle the influx of unemployment claims and supporting documents, this state turned to our Digital Mailroom solution. In line with US Government regulations, our solution is NIST 800-53 compliant. By digitising tens of thousands of pieces of mail at the entry point, the state was able to more efficiently process incoming claims and apply retention policies.


For this state, we were able to provide critical support for its COVID-19 relief. From document intake to digitisation, classification, and secure disposal, our Digital Mailroom offering covered the state’s end-to-end unemployment claim processing for 1,500 users. Not only were we able to digitise tens of thousands of unemployment claims, we extracted data from those forms to provide quick customer service.

  • End-to-end mailroom processing and digital ingestion for one of the 10 largest states
  • Includes digitisation and handling of tens of thousands of unemployment claims and supporting documents, a critical support for COVID-19 relief
  • Provided 1,500 active users with access to Iron Mountain InSight®, our intelligent document processing and content services platform
  • Extracted data from claims forms, allowing the state government to search for claims and supporting documents via our content services platform
  • NIST 800-53 compliant for solution

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