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Taking the digital leap into a new era for public services

Under pressure to deliver value for money and become greener the Public Sector is going through unprecedented transformation. Priorities scale from enabling digital working and public access, making the ‘digital leap’ to improve compliance, shrinking your organisation’s footprint to making better use of automation and AI.

Iron Mountain is proud to work with numerous public sector organisations delivering tailored document and data management solutions that work within your budget. We can help you take the digital leap with confidence, addressing growing needs for secure access, and compliance with EU and local regulations, as it travels throughout your organisation.

As part of our Global Privacy Program our experts monitor European and local legislative and regulatory developments, provide legal advice to functions and business units, and work to ensure that privacy is operationalised across the organisation.

We are working with sectors that benefit from the RFF funds, helping them along the journey.

 Europese vlaggen van onderaf gezien tegen blauwe lucht
hand die beeld van een digitaal document vasthoudt naast laptop

Get a head start on your digital transformation

Knowing where to start with digital transformation can be a daunting task. With over 70 years’ experience partnering with customers all over the world, you can count on Iron Mountain every step of the way.

We have comprehensive solutions to cover all aspects of information management including storing paper documents, sorting and digitising information, automated workflows incorporating information governance and retention policy. We also manage IT asset lifecycle management, recycling and remarketing.

We strive to deliver services that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible to bring our customers closer to their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspirations.

Digital transformation

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Solutions for public sector organisationsmountain ranges


This end-to-end solution helps digitise and manage citizen’s identity records in scale with a full secure chain of custody. Governments cannot only enjoy operational efficiency and more accurate identity certificates but also improve citizen’s services and satisfaction.

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Transformeer uw processen van Burgerzaken

From document intake to digitisation, classification, and secure disposal, our Digital Mailroom offering covers end-to-end unemployment claim processing for users. We digitise unemployment claims and extract data from the forms to provide quick customer service.

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Werkloosheid claimt pandemie en de digitale postkamer - Documenten op tafel op kantoor

The solution is a software as a service (SaaS) which allows extraction of structured and unstructured patient data with the ability to apply your own business rules. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and relevant Natural Language Processing (NLP) application programming interface (API), the information management and content services platform can help reduce data complexity, accelerate decision making, and improve workflows so that clinicians and nurses can dedicate more time towards patient care.

Transformeer uw toegang tot patiëntgegevens - Dokter en verpleegkundige bekijken het patiëntendossier

Our scalable solutions help you manage the entire information lifecycle. This ensures transparency of where your physical and digital assets are at all times to improve citizen experience and compliance.

You also have the ability to automatically apply document retention rules for compliance with data privacy regulations as well as build workflows within the system to further decrease the time from request to completion.

The extracted metadata can be ingested into a digital content repository system accessible by staff members and customers.

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Transformeer uw consulaire processen

Iron Mountain Paperless University solution is a comprehensive suite of services that streamlines your campus operations and transforms student and employee experience while achieving compliance.

Without a unified, digital view on all information, university staff spends precious time searching for key data all the time.

Our solutions enable you to capture all student and employee information, including back office related documents in one consolidated digital platform.

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Paperless university

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