Law firm relied on Clean Start to declutter, reduce risk, and become more organised

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After years of normal operations, M&A activity, and employee turnover, a US-based law firm struggled with a cluttered and disorganised workplace.

18 June 20248 mins
Become More Organized with Clean Start

With unsecured documents and other information assets creating the risk for a data breach, negatively impacting employee productivity, and limited resources and expertise to solve the problem in-house, the organisation turned to Iron Mountain Clean Start for help.


  • A cluttered office environment due to years of normal operations, M&A activity, and employee turnover
  • Unsecured and disorganised information assets,
  • including documents and IT equipment, located throughout the workplace
  • Limited in-house resources or expertise to securely clean up and organise space


Iron Mountain Clean Start®


  • Labour support and expertise to build an inventory database and organise over 70,000 physical records
  • Secure destruction of over 3.6 million documents that were past retention date
  • Itemised secure destruction and recycling of obsolete IT assets
  • Remediation and recovery of water-damaged records

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