Supporting a secure office closure and move

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A global pharmaceutical company needed to close and move from a 125K sq. ft. office building during the start of the pandemic.

7 May 20248 mins
Clean Start Secure Office Closure

With only three months to vacate the space, limited facility access due to local restrictions, and a significant amount of dated records, IT assets, and employee belongings, the company turned to Iron Mountain Clean Start for help.


  • Closing a 125K sq. ft. office, with over 1K employees
  • Building filled with sensitive documents, IT assets, and personal employee items, with limited space at new facility
  • Executing project during pandemic with minimal labour support


Iron Mountain Clean Start®


  • Secure destruction of over 36 tons of documents
  • Bulk and itemised destruction of obsolete IT assets
  • Itemised, packed, and moved over 500 employee workstations
  • Labour resources to support on-time project completion

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