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It's challenging to interpret laws and manage legal issues in a constantly changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. What's more, with increasing privacy concerns you need to consider questions like: do your clients trust you with their personal data?

20 March 20196 mins

Industry fact:

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. The average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information is $148.

Ponemon Institute, “Cost of a Data Breach Study” 2018.

Business challenge:

You’re responsible for creating a culture of ethics and compliance in your organisation. It’s challenging to interpret laws and manage legal issues in a constantly changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. What’s more, with increasing privacy concerns you need to consider questions like: do your clients trust you with their personal data? Do you have the right programme, people and processes in place to make sure all data, especially if it’s personal, is protected and handled in the right way?

How this affects you:

  • You risk losing current or potential clients by not having the right privacy programme to protect personal data.
  • You may incur fines for non-compliance with increasingly strict privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA).
  • You risk unnecessarily exposing personal data to be breached if it’s not managed properly.

What if you could:

  • Benchmark your privacy programme against your peers and understand where gaps exist?
  • Receive tailored guidance on how to prioritise addressing your most pressing challenges?
  • Work with privacy specialists who can help you build a stronger privacy programme customised to your organisation?
  • Identify where personal and sensitive data is located throughout your organisation so it can be classified to your retention schedule and properly managed throughout its lifecycle?

Privacy advisory service: assess for today. Build for tomorrow.

Advisory services

As the leader in information management and governance with 65+ years’ experience protecting customer’s digital and physical information, the Iron Mountain Advisory Services team has privacy specialists in areas such as data mapping, classification and retention. You’ll be provided with comprehensive support to mitigate risks associated with personal data and achieve privacy compliance. With years of experience providing holistic information governance solutions, the Advisory Services team includes over 100 skilled legal researchers and attorneys, records managers, library and information scientists and experts in electronic content management with practice areas in most industries.

Privacy advisory service

Our Advisory Services team will guide you through two critical processes. The first is the process of assessing where you are today and the second is the process of building a stronger privacy programme for tomorrow customised to your organisation.

Our Advisory Services team will guide you through in-depth customised assessments to identify gaps and prioritise opportunities for improvement. You’ll have documentation of your organisation’s privacy compliance activities and risks to personal data. You’ll receive a strategic roadmap with practical guidance tailored to your organisation and support for building a programme to identify where sensitive and personal data is located so you can either protect or delete it, manage subject rights requests, and augment your staff as needed. Through working together with our privacy specialists, you’ll be empowered to make stronger, data-driven decisions on your privacy programme.

Complementary services

You’ll be able to keep your records retention and data privacy policy management connected, current and compliant through the cloud-based Policy Centre solution Enterprise Edition, supported by our Advisory Services team. As laws change, you can count on high quality research from our international network of law firms to know how changes impact your organisation so you can update your policies accordingly. To show compliance, you’ll have tools to document critical information about your business processes that contain personal data, enabling compliance with GDPR Article 30 requirements.

When your information has met your organisation’s requirements of retention, our Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition service will enable you to destroy it, confident that you are complying with regulations governing information destruction. For information you’ll be retaining, you can use our and Secure Storage Services to secure and protect your valuable information. You can use our Document Imaging Services to have paper documents scanned and indexed, with metadata applied, for easy data retrieval.

You’ll be able to:

  • Compare your privacy maturity to peers
  • Identify and close gaps in your privacy programme
  • Show compliance to regulators and auditors
  • Reduce risk of fines
  • Reduce unnecessary exposure of personal data to breach
  • Focus more time on strategic priorities