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Records and information are the lifeblood of any organisation. Managing and protecting these valuable assets is a must.

2 February 20226 mins
Information Management

Trust the records and information management(RIM) experts

Records and information are the lifeblood of any organisation. Managing and protecting these valuable assets is a must.

While we live in an information age, not all information created or received by an organisation rises to the level of an official record. This subset requires deliberate management to provide evidence of business transactions, decisions, and satisfaction of legal obligations.

Even as you transform to a more digital way of working, physical copies of records need to be retained to meet internal and external compliance requirements. If you aren’t storing and protecting these documents using the proper processes, security, and environmental controls, and making them available when needed, you are putting the reputation and well-being of your organisation at risk.

What if you could

  • Safeguard your records from theft, damage, loss, or inadvertent disclosure?
  • Quickly locate and access specific records and deliver them physically or electronically?
  • Free up your valuable space and resources by storing your records in a secure off-site facility?
  • Get the advice you need to build a records management program that helps you maintain full regulatory compliance?

Answer with confidence

With Iron Mountain, you'll have the resources you need to effectively store and safeguard your records and make them easily accessible to individuals across your organisation. By leveraging our proven capabilities and best practices, you'll be able to:

  • Keep it safe. Protect your records in facilities that adhere to strict requirements for security, fire safety, and environmental controls.
  • Get it when you need it. Classify, store, and track your records online, following proven best practices, so you'll be able to retrieve information as efficiently as possible.
  • Manage with experience. Leverage the insights and expertise needed to maximise scarce resources and make RIM a seamless extension of your everyday operations.

Off-site records storage

You can leverage our network of records storage facilities - which uses advanced environmental, security, and access controls - to safeguard your information.

Iron Mountain Records Centres adhere to key facility requirements for:

  • Security. Inclusive of perimeter, entry, and interior security, as well as construction and security planning.
  • Fire Safety. Preventative measures with proven fire safe construction and dependable water supplies.
  • Environmental Controls. Comprehensive environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity controls, that safeguard your records from the elements.

Off-site doesn’t mean offline

 Your records will be tagged and classified using your own terminology and made available on our intuitive Iron Mountain Connect™ web portal, helping you quickly locate and retrieve the information you need to address internal and external requests.


Using your smartphone or tablet, the Iron Mountain® Mobile app helps you stay up-to-date with your record orders. With this app, you can place new pickup orders, track existing orders like pickups, deliveries and supplies, as well as receive notifications about records and supply orders.

Iron mountain’s portfolio of records and information management (rim) services includes:

File room solution

Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution replicates your on-site file room within a secure off-site storage environment. With our solution, active files are managed according to your filing system — with retrievals, refiles, interfiles, and drop filing performed by our expert staff.

Project services

When it comes to implementing one-time, periodic, or ongoing records management projects, we are ready to help. Iron Mountain’s Project Services team can purge and pack your records for storage with an option to collect metadata and index files. When it’s time for an audit, we can help inventory your cartons, prepare files, and provide proof of your inventory’s location.

Image on demand and document scanning services

Have your stored records digitised on demand and securely delivered with a simple request via IronMountain Connect™. We can also work with you to design a scalable document imaging program that makes records readily accessible to your employees who need the information.

Iron Mountain InSight®Essential Edition is a subscription-based solution that combines document scanning with digital storage in a secure cloud repository. With this solution, you can centrally access and manage your information.

Retention and privacy management

The Iron Mountain® Policy Centre solution is a cloud-based retention and privacy policy management platform that provides a user-friendly way for you to know your obligations and show compliance. With Policy Centre you can manage your information through the entire information lifecycle — from creation to use to disposition.

Information governance advisory services

Our Advisory Services provide the insights you’ll need to establish, manage, and customise your RIM program. You’ll have access to expertise that helps you address the complexities of complying with the growing number of state and federal compliance and privacy regulations governing records.

Staffing services

With our Iron Mountain Staffing service, you’ll have trained RIM professionals working alongside you to implement and administer your RIM program. With years of experience in policy management and consistent implementation, Iron Mountain can help you achieve a compliant RIM program.

Secure shredding

At the end of the retention period, Iron Mountain Secure Shredding services protect the privacy of your information by destroying paper records in a cost-efficient, safe, and compliant way. After securely shredding your documents, we recycle all shredded material and provide a “Green Report” to demonstrate your contribution to global sustainability efforts.

Clean Start®

Iron Mountain Clean Start can help you maximise real estate by clearing out materials that are occupying valuable space, including paper records, filing cabinets, servers, PCs and IT assets, office equipment, cabinets, furniture, artwork, and more. We’ll manage the clean-out process and facilitate the secure destruction or donation of the items you don’t need and the temporary or permanent storage of the ones you do.

What you gain...

  • The peace of mind that you’re protecting your information throughout its lifecycle
  • The ability to locate, access and deliver a particular record whenever, wherever — and in whatever format — it’s required
  • The complete confidence that comes from supporting your records management processes with proven experience and best practices