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For most organisations, the digital transformation journey is well underway, and it continues to be a priority for global companies.

29 April 20246 mins
Transform your information experience

What’s standing in the way of digital transformation

For most organisations, the digital transformation journey is well underway, and it continues to be a priority for global companies. One of the main drivers of digital transformation is using technology to extract insights from data to enhance decision‐making and improve customer experiences. However, when information is stored on paper, it’s hard to find and can’t be easily accessed or shared. And dealing with separate vendors for online content management, paper document processing, physical and digital storage, information governance, and lifecycle management is tedious, time‐consuming, and error prone.

These data silos and the resulting management inefficiencies impede innovation. Enterprises want to use the latest technologies, such as intelligent document processing (IDP) and generative AI (GenAI), but incorporating these with legacy platforms is a struggle. Many organisations still rely on manual systems and processes to manage their organisational workflows. In fact, the average organisation uses data from 400 sources, then has to manually recode the data to get it into the format required.

Manual processes and a mix of physical and digital documents can cause bottlenecks and delays and make accessing information difficult, especially for remote and hybrid workers.

In addition, enterprises need faster, less costly ways to comply with multiple data security and privacy regulations. While a single noncompliance event can cost more than $14 million, the cost of maintaining compliance isn’t trivial. Labor‐intensive document and data management accounts for 94% of annual compliance maintenance costs, which can add up to $31 million.

The average organisation uses data from 400 sources to extract business insights, and 90% say it’s challenging to make data available in a consistent format.

Manage and access physical and digital information from a unified, automated, and secure platform

Iron Mountain InSight® DXP is a scalable, low‐code software‐as‐a‐service (SaaS) platform that ingests and processes unstructured content and can integrate with key business processes and systems via application programming interface (API). The modular platform can be used to quickly build solutions with physical and digital content management, IDP, workflow automation, and information governance capabilities.

With InSight DXP, you’ll have an automated and intelligent way to digitise paper‐based information and integrate it with digital information across multiple formats and systems. In the platform, you’ll have process transparency, insightful dashboards, and customisable workflows and reporting to match business needs.

To manage compliance, you’ll also have tools to systematically manage and enforce defensible records retention rules and privacy obligations for relevant content leveraging platform integration to the Iron Mountain Policy Centre solution.

Iron Mountain InSight DXP is unique because it includes comprehensive physical and digital information management and governance capabilities on a low‐code modular platform that can be customised quickly and easily with the ability to design, build, and publish solutions in real time. This scalable platform comes with extensive security and regulatory compliance certifications from a vendor with a 70+‐year reputation for securing and protecting information.