Streamline your mail with intelligent Digital Mailroom


Learn how an intelligent Digital Mailroom service can help your organization reduce paper-based mail burdens and empower your employees wherever they are.

15 November 202112 min
Streamline Your Mail With Intelligent Digital Mailroom - envelopes flying through space

How much paper-based mail does your organisation receive every month? Do the inefficiencies of processing and distributing this mail to your employees challenge your compliance, privacy, and information security requirements? Has COVID complicated your paper-based mail processes even more?

By digitising incoming paper-based mail, organisations can reduce their paper load and bring many of the benefits of electronic mail to today’s “snail mail.” 

Learn more about Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom service and how our customers are using the service today to reduce their paper-based mail burdens and empower their employees wherever they are by downloading this whitepaper.

Introducing Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom Service

Iron Mountain has stepped up to help with its new Digital Mailroom service. By digitising incoming paper-based mail, organisations can reduce their paper load and bring many of the benefits of electronic mail to today’s “snail mail.” Now, employees can have a central secure location for their mail where they can easily read, process, and collaborate with their colleagues on the incoming mail that is central to their processes. Better yet, integrating with other legacy systems provides a single pane of glass to employees so they can see read-receipts, tracking history, and easily determine if and when a piece of mail has reached its destination

The Digital Mailroom service became even more relevant during the pandemic lockdowns and work-from-home requirements imposed by COVID-19. Alexander Lomakin, Digital Mailroom Product Manager at Iron Mountain explains:

“Employees were going into the office Monday to Friday. The following week, the office was closed. It was unknown when they could go back. One of the things that didn’t stop was the mail. It kept getting delivered and it must get through. If no one is reading it, there’s no value … and it’s a massive liability with all sorts of potential regulatory issues and risk. This is where the Digital Mailroom service can come into play.”

How does the Digital Mailroom service work?

With the Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom service, organisations can get a subscription-based service that helps their offices move to a paper-light environment. With the Digital Mailroom service, you notify postal services to redirect your organisation’s incoming paper-based mail to Iron Mountain, a global business dedicated to the storage, protection, and management of information and assets. Better yet, integrating with e-mail providers allows for a hybrid view into your physical and digital documents.

With the Digital Mailroom service, Iron Mountain’s team of experts receives your mail in their secure facilities, opens it, scans and indexes the envelope and its contents, and performs its quality control procedures to ensure compliance with your document conversion requirements. The extracted metadata is used to not only empower faster and easier searching, but also to ensure that only the correct users see the information they are supposed to based on the metadata security capabilities. Iron Mountain’s machine learning helps the indexing feature become stronger over time. “The more that it’s running, the more documents run through it … the better and smarter the models become,” says Lomakin.