Iron Mountain InSight improves Healthcare organizations' information management for operational efficiencies, cost savings, and business benefits


This whitepaper, conducted by Forrester(R) Consulting, showcases Healthcare customer feedback on the benefitst they realized using Iron Mountain InSight.

4 January 202412 mins
Forrester whitepaper

Iron Mountain InSight is an information management and content services platform that supports digital transformation and modernisation efforts at healthcare organisations. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform makes an organisation’s physical and digital content accessible on one central, secure system of record for faster searching, clearer understanding, and more effective use of data. With InSight, healthcare organisations can realise increased efficiency for both clinical and nonclinical employees and additional benefits such as process automation, cost savings, and enhanced security.

Iron Mountain commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview four representatives and conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with Iron Mountain InSight.1 All interviewed decision-makers had experience using InSight. One of the interviewees was a CIO at a healthcare organisation. This abstract will focus on the use of Iron Mountain InSight in the healthcare industry.

All of the interviewees noted that their organisations had large amounts of data in various forms prior to using InSight. These were primarily digital and paper files, but their archives also included legacy formats such as microfilm, microfiche, tapes, disks, and CDs. Organisations siloed information management as they relied on disparate systems and manual methods, and they lacked a central solution that brought organisation and easy access. These environments resulted in employee inefficiencies, uncertain security standards, and vast data that were costly to retain yet underutilised.

After the investment in InSight, the organisations’ extensive content was more accessible and secure, processes were more efficient and automated, and data was more actionable.

Investment drivers for healthcare organisations

Prior to the adoption of InSight, the CIO’s healthcare organisation struggled with challenges in its legacy environment, including:


  • A need for a centralised system that provided easy access to data. The interviewee described how disparate systems and processes across their organization made data management difficult. The absence of a centralised and easy-to-search system made accessing data in various formats challenging. The interviewee explained: “We had a bunch of different processes and nothing was centralised. It was all pretty fragmented.”
  • Employee efficiency. With a myriad of data that lacked easy access and clear organisation, employees at the healthcare organisations often needed to engage in manual and time-consuming processes to complete core tasks like locating, retrieving, sharing, and ultimately understanding data. This hampered employee productivity and diverted their attention from more valuable work.
  • Compliance with rules and regulations. Protecting patient information and sensitive data and complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all other applicable laws were top priorities for the organisation. This required a highly secure system that could manage access permissions and data retention policies and readily adapt to any policy changes. Additionally, the organisation needed an accurate and efficient tool for any audit-related work.


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