Mighty guide: 8 experts on workplace transformation

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Experts in corporate real estate, workplace design and change management provide insight and give advice on transforming the modern office.

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Companies are under strong pressure to create internal agility and foster strongcollaboration so they can successfully compete and win new business in a quickly evolvingmarket landscape. At the same time, employees know that they have a greater choice inwhere they work-whether that's telecommuting from a home office or logging on froma coworking space. Workplace transformation projects, as many companies have found,can help organisations achieve both goals of developing greater organisational agility andenhancing employee satisfaction.

Although companies often do have a strong financial incentive to make efficient use oftheir office space, they often discover that workplace transformation has a surprisinglypowerful influence on organisational culture as well. Accordingly, a successful workplacetransformation can greatly improve employee engagement, enable dynamic workplacecollaboration, and position an organisation to enjoy meaningful long-term growth in this eraof breakneck digital transformation.

So how do leading businesses ensure success with a workplace transformation project?For many, a strong, employee-driven change management process is key. Others definethe organisational behaviors they want to enable and holistically align their workspaceswith larger branding objectives. As you read through this eBook, you'll find expertadvice, organised into key chapters, that illustrates the path of a successful workplacetransformation initiative from beginning to end. I hope that you will find the advice in thiseBook valuable in designing and implementing your own workforce transformation project.

Workplace transformation isn’t a new topic – but it is a pressing one. Organisations want to evolve their space into a tech-enabled and amenities-rich office. Engaging workspaces attract top talent and help support an innovative mindset. Today’s real estate professionals are asked to realize this ambitious goal while also managing their portfolio and overall footprint.

It’s easy to understand why organisations want to undertake a workplace transformation project. How they achieve the modern office where digital natives can thrive is much harder.

If you’re planning to undertake a major workplace change, you don’t have to go in blind. Read 8 Experts on Workplace Transformation. This Mighty Guide provides insight from real estate and workplace design authorities. Download the Mighty Guide to get advice on:

  • preparing your space for change
  • leveraging transformative workflows
  • ensuring your project runs smoothly

Download the full workplace transformation Mighty Guide to learn more.

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