Secure IT asset disposition is crucial for preventing data breaches, preserving reputation


Secure ITAD best practices from the industry experts.

29 June 2021 mins
Secure IT Asset Disposition is Crucial for Preventing Data Breaches, Preserving Reputation - IT equipment

“IT Asset Disposition is not something that can be ignored.”

Bob Johnson, Ceo Of I-sigma

Companies that fail to keep track and properly dispose of their IT assets face a number of significant risks, including data breaches, fines, and potential damage to their company’s reputation. But a secure IT asset disposition program can help to reduce the possibility of a data breach.

Read through this whitepaper to uncover:

  • 3 reasons why Secure IT Asset Disposition is important
  • How to get started on a secure "cradle to the grave" approach
  • Why you should invest in a well-thought-out and designed programme