Global healthcare organisation stabilises records operations with dedicated staff

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Iron Mountain supported this multinational healthcare organisation with its RIM workflows to prevent broken workflows and inconsistent metadata capture.

16 mars 20238 mins
Global Healthcare Organisation Stabilises Records Operations With Dedicated Staff | viewing a microscope


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This multinational healthcare organisation had very specific RIM workflows and processes. To prevent broken workflows and inconsistent metadata capture, it needed reliable, trained, and expert resources which existing contractors were unable to provide.


Iron Mountain Dedicated Professional Staffing



  • Re-badged existing resources to stabilise records operations while minimising disruption
  • Organised and maintained databases for all assets, onsite, offsite, or at any stage of the information lifecycle
  • Frequent audit support and management of customer site closings to ensure RIM policy compliance
  • More than 15 years of records and information management support

From medical devices to consumer packaged goods, this multinational organisation develops and produces a broad range of healthcare-related products. Because of this, its everyday workplace operations are vast, complex, and governed by stringent regulatory standards.

Separate business segments resulted in fractured records system

For this organisation, having decades of information stored across disparate platforms led to significant operational issues. As a large healthcare entity, the need to securely process and store sensitive information is critical. However, because this organisation was divided into three distinct business segments, each of these areas had its own records and information management (RIM) systems, which resulted in:

  • Fragmented daily workflow operations
  • Lack of cohesion around data and information governance
  • Inconsistent metadata capture across multiple databases

These disconnected systems posed significant risks to the organisation and its ability to efficiently serve customers. To elevate its RIM program, this customer needed more reliable, trained, and expert resources that its existing contractors were unable to provide.

Dedicated records and information support staff

To address its RIM challenges, this customer chose to partner with expert records and information management professionals from Iron Mountain. Multiple staff resources from Iron Mountain were put in place to help conduct day-to-day records needs. These dedicated roles include records supervisors, archivists, records analysts, and general support staff who help maintain the customer’s RIM program and eDiscovery processes.

For over 15 years, Iron Mountain has supported this organisation with 25 full-time professionals. In addition to daily support, the customer receives frequent audit support and site closing management throughout North America to ensure RIM policy compliance.

Elevating operations with records and information management support

By instituting outside support, this organisation had the opportunity to improve its RIM processes in parallel with everyday operations.

Here are a few of the benefits this customer experienced:

  • Align records and information across all business segments
  • Maintain a high level of operational consistency
  • Expand and grow RIM program

With Iron Mountain Dedicated Professional Staffing, you’ll have trained and screened RIM professionals working alongside you to implement and administer your program. With years of experience in best practices, policy management, and consistent implementation, Iron Mountain can help you achieve a compliant and effective RIM program.