Digital Mailroom Solution

It's time to address your mail
Digital mailroom

Digital Mailroom Solution

It's time to address your mail


Organisations are trying to go “paper free” , but that isn’t fully possible when paper-based mail continues to arrive and your employees struggle to manage large volumes of inbound physical mail every month. On top of that, the rise in remote workforces makes it difficult to deliver paper mail to the correct owner, which can cause productivity delays.

Whether you plan on going back to the office, remaining virtual or a combination, freeing yourself from receiving and distributing physical mail is critical to move forward. Iron Mountain can help.

Transform Your Mailroom

With Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom service, authorised employees can easily access and receive digitised versions of critical business mail – anytime, anywhere.

  • Securely access your digitised mail in the cloud
  • Boost collaboration and productivity through automated workflows
  • Integrate with existing systems such as email, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office suite
  • Reduce your physical footprint and related real estate expenditures
  • Pay one affordable, predictable monthly price

How It Works

Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom solution is as easy to set up as it is to use.

  1. Instruct the postal service to redirect your mail to Iron Mountain secure facilities
  2. Our experts scan and automatically capture keywords for your mail
  3. You can search, access and auto-route digitised mail in our intuitive content services platform,
  4. Only authorised people can view and share mail, with smart distribution


Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom solution is a subscription solution that allows organisations to continue to access critical physical mail. This service enables you to:

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Go paperless

Leverage Iron Mountain scanning experts, processes and infrastructure to convert your inbound physical mail to digital through our extensive network of imaging centres.
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Quickly search

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology through Google Cloud Vision API, the contents of your documents will be completely searchable by text or index, available for many file types and in 50+ languages.
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Securely protect your information

Your electronic information will be encrypted at rest, and during transmission across a secure network with access restricted by encryption keys that you own & manage. Role-based permissions enable authorised users to access only the information that they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each user is assigned to a user group, and user groups combine with metadata security rules to ensure that mail is properly routed to the correct people. Iron Mountain’s Implementation team ensures that the proper roles and security are in place for your organization to maintain data security and privacy.

Iron Mountain’s Implementation team meets with your organisation to learn how your organisation wishes to handle mail: by department, floor, individual, etc.

Iron Mountain then sets up your users, user groups and metadata security rules to ensure that the proper people have access to the mail. Many organisations also have an administrator who can update this hierarchy if, for example, you are out of office, and need your mail temporarily rerouted.

You are able to select from several disposition options for your physical mail:

  • Your physical mail is returned to you
  • Your physical mail is stored in an Iron Mountain record centre
  • Your physical mail is shredded

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