Navigating the retention maze: ask the experts


Learn more about navigating the retention maze with Iron Mountain's information governance solution.

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Navigating the retention maze: ask the experts

A question that has been raised time and time again is, how can organisations effectively manage records retention, and why is record management so important?

There is no quick answer or one-size-fits-all all methodology to data management, however our Information Governance Experts emphasise:

  • Given that data is the most valuable asset to an organisation, it requires careful consideration to ensure an appropriate level of protection.
  • The amount of data consumed daily is growing at an exponential rate, which signifies the requisite to proactively and efficiently manage data.
  • The importance of a consistent and defensible records management and information governance policy to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations is gaining more and more traction as regulators tighten restrictions and data protection and digital technologies become increasingly regulated.
  • Having a full and comprehensible understanding into your organisation's compliance obligation that is easily ascertained and user friendly should be a priority when evidencing accountability.
  • The necessity to monitor and maintain the Records Management Strategy and to provide regular training and guidance across the organisation.

Our recommended approach and proven methodologies can support organisations to develop a successful and tailored Information Governance and Records Management Strategy. Iron Mountain has a high calibre of trusted and experienced Information Governance consultants who are dedicated to supporting organisations globally in their records management journey. Our proven and effective products and services can provide the tools to strengthen organisations' strategic intent, more details on Iron Mountain’s Products and Services can be found here.