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Iron Mountain & AWS

End-to-end information lifecycle management Digitize data – from Paper and Tape to Cloud Accelerate digital transformation

The data that runs your organisation is growing exponentially and is created in a variety of ways - physical documents, backup tapes, files on hard drives, content created in SaaS-based applications, and more. This can make it difficult to take control of all your data - and hinders progress towards digital transformation.

You need an intelligent data management strategy for all your information so you can ensure compliance, reduce risk, protect against data loss and cyber threats, and accelerate innovation.

Iron Mountain InSight powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps you streamline your end-to-end document and information management requirements to drive your digital transformation strategy forward.

Platform capabilities

Iron Mountain InSight is a global information management and content services platform designed to help manage and add structure to your organisation’s unstructured content, such as documents, audio, videos, and photos. The platform leverages intelligent document processing technology to aggregate and connect physical and digital information, extracting key metadata out of documents and automating document-centric workflows to help you get to relevant information faster.

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The iron mountain & aws difference

Confidently manage the end-to-end document lifecycle, physical and digital information from disparate sources - from paper and tape to cloud

Ensure compliance and adhere to data security, privacy and storage regulations

Shrink the volume of information stored, reducing redundant, obsolete or trivial information (ROT) and overall storage costs while also protecting against data loss and breaches

Drive timely decision making with actionable insights

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From Physical Into Digital

Leverage our best in class digitisation technology to quickly turn your physical documents, microfilm or microfiche into digital. Our global footprint enables a consistent approach to your scanning requirements.

We can help you prioritise and achieve your goals ranging from large scale backfile conversion to day forward scanning programs. You can even have your inbound physical mail redirected to our secure facilities, and our team of experts will receive, open and scan your mail.

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Store on a Secure Cloud Repository

Whether your information needs to be digitised or is already in a digital format, Iron Mountain InSight on AWS stores your data in a secure platform with easy access. We help you seamlessly migrate data stored on tape or in paper format to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Additionally, Iron Mountain can help you migrate tape based information to Amazon S3 Glacier (S3 Glacier) or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive (S3 Glacier Deep Archive) for long-term data retention and storage.
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Enhance Your Data with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Iron Mountain InSight on AWS allows you to leverage key capabilities to extract information from your data before introducing it into meaningful workflows. Amazon Textract to automatically extract printed text, handwriting and data from any document. Additionally, Iron Mountain can help you convert speech to text with Amazon Transcribe, so you can consolidate all your information into one secure platform.
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View and Interpret Key Information

Unlock the hidden value of your content wherever it resides through modern, AI-infused content-driven applications and federated search capabilities across all of your organisation’s repositories. Using the power of the platform, relevant metadata is extracted, classified and categorised into a streamlined interface to enable better decision making. Dashboards provide a visual display of data and metrics for powerful insights.

In addition, with Amazon Rekognition, pre-trained and customisable computer vision (CV) capabilities extract information and insights from your images and videos, without the need of building machine learning (ML) models and infrastructure from scratch, while Integrating Iron Mountain InSight with Amazon Comprehend helps you uncover valuable insights and connections in text.

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