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Smart Reveal

Address boxes of records with unknown contents

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Do you have records stored with insufficient or no descriptive data?

To properly manage your records inventory and make disposition decisions, you need to know what you have and potentially who is the rightful owner of each box.

Without knowing this, you can’t take action and will hold on to your inventory for much longer than necessary. You could spend the time and resources to manually review each box—a painstaking process, especially if your records are stored across multiple locations.

Or you could choose Iron Mountain Smart Reveal. The solution combines your historical metadata with pictures of the outside of each box, plus an aerial view of the internal contents, allowing you to make quick and defensible disposition decisions.

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You’ll get all the information you need to take informed actions, such as:

certificate paper

Assign ownership

3 files

Update metadata and descriptions

tape backup

Send to data entry for file-level indexing


Ship box to owner

wifi network

Digitise documents

shred facility

Destroy box contents and more

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Smart Reveal

Solution summary

first step of smart reveal solution, displaying 3 cartons

Identify boxes in storage with little or no descriptive information.

second step of smart reveal solution

Take pictures of box face and an aerial view of contents, with options for more pictures per your requirements.

third step of smart reveal solution

Review box pictures via our secure gateway. Select and assign your required action for each box.

With Iron Mountain Smart Reveal you can:

Know what you have


Get a full understanding of your records inventory so you can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Make defensible decisions about what records to keep, destroy, or digitise


Stop storing everything, digitising everything, or indiscriminately destroying records you’re obligated to keep. Feel empowered in knowing you’re making the right decision for every record, every time.

Reduce the cost and risk of storage


Storing everything increases costs and puts you at risk of information loss and compliance violations. Stop paying to store records that you no longer need to keep.

Improve productivity


Increase your organisation’s speed and efficiency by giving employees the ability to find what they need and make quick decisions.

Smart Sort

When boxes are filled with commingled records, it is difficult to make defensible decisions on disposition.

Iron Mountain’s Smart Sort technology is used to sort and reorganise files by destruction eligibility date, category, association, or whatever you require.

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Why work with Iron Mountain?

Why Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain combines decades of records management expertise with a suite of technology-driven products that address an organisation’s entire physical records inventory.

With Smart Reveal, you get a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective solution that identifies information about boxes stored with unknown contents quickly and accurately—without the need for burdensome manual processes or placing unnecessary strain on your team or resources. No matter how complex the challenge, Smart Reveal is another reason why Iron Mountain is your organisation’s trusted and strategic partner.

To learn if Smart Reveal is right for your organisation, please contact your sales representative or complete this form.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know which boxes of records are the right fit for Smart Reveal?
Smart Reveal is designed for boxes of records stored with limited or no descriptive data.
Can Iron Mountain help me decide which boxes should go through the Smart Reveal process?
Yes, our sales team can use a diagnostic tool to generate a report that lists all boxes of records with limited or no descriptive information stored at Iron Mountain facilities. From that list, you can select boxes for the Smart Reveal process.
How many pictures will Smart Reveal provide?
Each Smart Reveal engagement is customisable. You can choose the number of pictures and views you need to meet your project requirements.
Can Smart Reveal work for non-paper records?
Yes, Smart Reveal works with any physical asset, such as pathology slides/blocks, microfilm, microfiche, etc.
What does Iron Mountain need from me in order to set up a Smart Reveal project?
We will partner with you to generate a list of boxes that will benefit from the Smart Reveal process. From that list, we’ll need you to select which boxes you’d like to run through the Smart Reveal process.
Can I decide how many boxes I want to run through the Smart Reveal process?
Yes, you can decide the quantity of boxes based on your budget, priorities, timelines, etc.
Is there a minimum number of boxes required to leverage Smart Reveal?
The minimum is a Proof of Concept for 40 boxes.
My inventory is located across several record storage facilities. Can I expect the same experience at every site?
Our technology-enabled solution ensures that your experience is consistent regardless of the location of your records inventory.
Are there other products or programs that pair with Smart Reveal to help me clean up my legacy records?

Iron Mountain Smart Sort will help you sort and reorganise your commingled files according to destruction eligibility, record type, record status, unique identifier, or any other criteria you decide. For more information, visit

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