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Iron Mountain’s extensive network of facilities and fleet of vehicles ensures a fast and seamless response to your storage and delivery requests.

27 April 20206 min
Emergency Response Storage and Delivery- Lab Technicians

Organisations around the world are facing new and unprecedented challenges related to emergency preparedness. Access to supplies and medical equipment during a natural disaster or pandemic emergency is critical to keeping your community safe.

Iron Mountain can store and deliver your emergency response equipment and supplies so that you are prepared and can access them in the event of a disaster or medical emergency.

Tackle any emergency with Iron Mountain storage and delivery

When the unexpected happens, Iron Mountain is ready to help. Our extensive network of facilities and fleet of vehicles ensures a fast and seamless response to your storage and delivery requests from virtually anywhere.

Store and deliver emergency response equipment and medical inventory

Quickly and efficiently respond to an emergency. Store and ship whatever you need, including:*

  • Medical Inventory, including but not limited to personal protective equipment (ppe), masks, booties, gowns, face shields, medical and office supplies, medical equipment (blood pressure cuffs, wheelchairs, IV polls/supplies, respirators, etc.), non hazardous test kits, and common medication.
  • First Responder Equipment, including but not limited to evacuation signs, first aid kits, canned goods, flashlights, tents, and shelter supplies.
  • Non critical Inventory, which means storing non essential items and making space to set up temporary or permanent emergency shelters, clinics, and critical care units.

Secure storage

Iron Mountain facilities are reputed for security: perimeter, entry, and interior. Only authorised users will ever have access to your inventory, and proven fire safety and environmental safeguards ensure their continued viability. Assets are tagged and classified using your own terminology for easy access and retrieval.

Auditable chain of custody

Rest assured knowing you'll have complete visibility and control over your assets' location at all times. RFID labels can be applied to boxes and pallets , so they can be tracked from the moment they leave your site to the moment they arrive at an Iron Mountain secure facility.

Access is just a click away

The Iron Mountain Portal application provides online management of your inventory. With just a few clicks, you can search through your inventory, locate what’s required, and arrange for delivery by our vetted and trained employees.

Seamless, expedited delivery

Iron Mountain’s network of storage and distribution facilities makes shipping items fast, easy, and convenient. We are located close to major cities, airports, and interstate highways, which means we can deliver what you need quickly and efficiently.

Resources at the ready

Why Iron Mountain?

For over 65 years, organisations worldwide have trusted Iron Mountain to store and manage their sensitive and critical assets. Inventory management, regardless of type, is the foundation upon which our company is built.

* Iron Mountain cannot accept biohazards. We cannot store any material that is highly flammable, may attract vermin or insects, is dangerous or unsafe to handle, is regulated by laws and regulations relating to the environment, or hazardous.