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Finding an organisation today that relies solely on paper for its workplace needs is rare—most leaders have recognised the importance of digitising files and digitalising processes to some extent. However, this hybrid approach not only proves to be inefficient but also hampers business resilience and growth.

Digital Transformation: Why Businesses Are Going Digital

Amid the evolving business landscape, digital transformation has emerged as a pivotal strategy for organisations seeking operational efficiency and sustained growth. Shifting away from antiquated paper-based practices, companies ultimately embrace digital technologies to optimise processes, enhance productivity and foster innovation.

Specifically, going digital enables businesses to streamline workflows, eliminate data silos, improve collaboration, build trust with customers and minimise the risk of a data breach, among other factors.

With our comprehensive suite of services and digital technology, Iron Mountain does just that—enabling organisations to automate and enhance business processes, thereby increasing operational efficiency. Our solutions enable valuable analytic insights, allowing businesses to make data-based strategic decisions.

Embracing digital transformation through Iron Mountain's services not only optimises processes and informs strategy, but also reduces costs, making it a necessary step for businesses seeking to remain competitive.

Most organisations believe they’re already well underway on the digital transformation journey. Yet, we’ve found that there are a few areas that go unaddressed when leaders look to tackle this initiative. Below we’ve outlined the five necessary steps to take to fully immerse your team in the digital transformation business process.

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5 Steps to Digital Transformation

To achieve the full benefits of digital transformation, you need to build a good foundation. And as with any journey, it’s best to start with step one. Below, we go into the logic behind each step of the digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation pyramid showing all the 5 steps

Step 1 - Identify

Determine what should be digitised, stored or defensibly destroyed.

Not every file needs to be digitised. Implementing a “scan everything” process does not solve the root problem of figuring out what your team has, it's retention date, and its level of importance to the business. By identifying what to scan, store, or defensibly destroy, you’ll save your team time and money.

To help your team identify what to keep, click here.

Digital transformation - Step 1 - Identify
Digital transformation - Step 2 - Digitize

Step 2 - Digitise

Go paper-free or paper-light.

By adopting document digitisation, you enhance data accessibility, boost project productivity and combat the inefficiencies of siloed data.

Particularly as the hybrid workforce continues to grow, adopting digitisation becomes even more crucial for seamless collaboration and remote access to important data and information. It ensures that employees can easily retrieve and share information regardless of their location, fostering efficiency and productivity in the evolving work landscape.

Not sure where to start digitising? Click here.

Step 3 - Store

Securely access scanned or digitally borne information from a future-ready repository.

Instead of spending hours digging through filing cabinets, you can now easily access and organise your information in a secure digital storage repository. This centralisation of data goes beyond simple cloud storage; it empowers you to do more with your scanned or digitally borne information once it's securely stored.

Through a secure cloud storage repository, you can ingest documents from other locations, such as other cloud repositories, enterprise content management systems (ECMs) and file shares. By centralising your scanned and digitally born documents, you gain enhanced visibility, better connections and improved access.

To learn more about Iron Mountain’s flexible storage options, click here.

Digital transformation - Step 3 - Store
Digital transformation - Step 4 - Automate

Step 4 - Automate

Enable collaboration and workflow automation for document-centric processes.

At this step, your team can now create automated workflows for document-centric processes, which eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks. This then frees them up to spend their time on more valuable work—increasing productivity, while reducing resource-waste.

Free up your team’s time through automation—click here to learn more.

Step 5 - Unlock

View and integrate key data to identify pattern and trends.

By digitising your files and enabling advanced analytics, your team can identify patterns and trends, and ultimately understand your business better as a whole. This step is where your team can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to organise and connect your data using intelligent document processing and advanced capture solutions. The valuable insight you gain by gathering and categorising this data leads to improved decision-making processes—facilitating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

To learn how your team can unlock its data, click here.

Digital transformation - Step 5 - Unlock
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Go Digital with Iron Mountain

As a recognised information management industry leader, you can trust Iron Mountain to securely handle your organisation’s information. By going digital, you streamline your document management processes, minimise the risk of a data breach, improve customer experience, and ultimately unlock the power of your information. Leave legacy systems in the past; don't let your valuable records and critical data go to waste—talk to our experts now!

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