Information transformation: AI enablement for public sector agencies


Mature information management is a non-negotiable requirement in the public sector, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a cost centre.

18 April 202412 min
AIIM Survey: Leveraging Deep Learning And Machine Learning Capabilities

For more than 70 years Iron Mountain has been helping government agencies around the world to better manage their information assets. Locally, we’ve been trusted by Australian public sector agencies and organisations for more than 35 years. This heritage means Iron Mountain has the experience needed to assist with all aspects of information transformation, from the preservation, management, and destruction of physical media through to the digitisation, management, and automation of digital assets.

This capability is embodied in a set of applications and a team of trained personnel who bring the expertise needed to view information management from all perspectives, providing the ‘human in the loop’ capability that purely digital solutions often lack.

Planning for success with information management? Download this whitepaper to find out how we help overcome shared challenges across the Australian Government.