Rethink Information Governance - Getting a handle on data

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Ebook: Getting a handle on data

Rethink Information Governance - Getting a handle on data

In this second part of our information governance (IG) eBook we focus our attention on the essentials of data management beginning with discovering, understanding and standardising the ways in which we describe data. Putting these disciplines in place is the basis for a unified governance practice and realising the full value of data.

In this eBook you will learn more about:

  • The costs of data hoarding
  • How to bring order to structured and unstructured data
  • Understanding your data is key to trusting your data
  • Why unified Information Governance is important

If you missed part one of our series, we discussed the factors that are driving new urgency for organisations to implement IG, including data growth, a new regulatory environment and the increasing importance of data in the business decision-making process.

We also discussed the difference between data, records and information and why the distinction is important for organisations to gain a full picture of their data assets.

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