At Iron Mountain, we understand the unique challenges, regulations, and requirements of the public sector, including government at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as within the field of education.

Public sector

Iron Mountain Canada holds a number of contracting vehicles covering the entire Canadian geography making us the only National Vendor for the services of Records Management, Secure Shredding and Data Management along with Digital Solutions such as Imaging / Digitization.

With a drive towards Open Government in Canada, departments, ministries and the broader public sector are challenged to keep up with policies related to information management and governance. One key challenge is driven from the tremendous growth of records remaining born both physical and digital, which result in departments needing greater ability to manage and enforce policies and procedures. Optimize your information management throughout its lifecycle while addressing the challenge of growing amounts of records with Iron Mountain’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

  • Confidently and consistently enforce policies and procedures with Iron Mountain’s Records & Information Management solution while retaining full control and access to records when needed.
  • Better leverage your technology investments to ensure you meet your compliance objectives and other business obligations with our Digital Imaging Services.
  • Intelligently image and document to meet your department’s access and budget requirements while freeing up valuable resources
  • Leverage our Secure Shredding solution to ensure you are securely destroying paper records past retention, and effectively managing growing volumes and variety of data
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Federal and provincial contracts

Province of ontario vendor of record:

  • VOR – Tender 7279 - Vendor of record in ontario for secure shred services
  • VOR - OSS-00357420 - Records storage and related services

We also have easy procurement options for other provinces and public sector organizations from coast to coast. For further information about our capabilities supporting the Public Sector across Canada, contact us for more information


Services we provide


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Clean Start solutions

Create an environment to support the new, hybrid way of working. Iron Mountain Clean Start® is a program designed to transform your workplace. Whether one floor, one building or multiple locations, we’ll help you navigate a variety of real estate changes, including office closures, occupancy in a new space or reconfiguration of your existing space. We’ll manage the clean-out process from start to finish and provide services to facilitate the secure destruction of materials or equipment you no longer want to keep and the temporary or permanent storage of those items you do. And we’ll use personnel cleared for the appropriate access to your facilities.

Digital solutions

There are so many facets to digital transformation and each transformation journey is unique to your department and ministry’s goals and objectives. The GC Digital Ambition outlines compelling reasons for change including inefficiencies caused by data silos, ensuring all valuable information is converted from paper to digital for maximum accessibility and use, and enabling paperless ways of working in increasingly hybrid environments. Through a combination of Iron Mountain’s document scanning expertise, infrastructure, a digital platform that includes AI-enabled intelligent document processing capabilities and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, we help you find what you need when you need it most.

Secure ITAD and data center decommissioning

Amid the growing transition to cloud-based digital services in both public and private sectors, the challenge arises of managing retired IT assets, including data-laden servers, PCs, mobile devices and more. Iron Mountain, now offering 'Protected B' level status, offers Secure IT Asset Disposition and Data Center Decommissioning, whether it's recycling for environmental sustainability, responsible remarketing, secure data destruction, or streamlined lease return services. Our approach ensures a seamless and secure handling of equipment from data centers, offices, remote workspaces, and IP-equipped devices. Iron Mountain's commitment to security, environmental responsibility, and value maximization makes us the ideal partner in navigating the evolving landscape of IT asset management.

Alternative storage

With Iron Mountain’s warehousing and logistics solutions you can now store just about anything in our secure storage facilities. Our secure storage is the ideal solution for organizations and departments seeking to consolidate real estate and/or repurpose onsite storage areas, store valuable but not immediately needed assets long-term, accommodate growing assets in response to limited onsite space, and more. By leveraging Iron Mountain’s online inventory management software, you’ll be able to search, track, and retrieve assets through a single streamlined application. The industry-leading-chain-of-custody-workflows ensure complete security, visibility, and control of your asset’s location at all times.

Library service solutions

Federal Governments need to meet the Library and Archives (LAC) stringent requirements. Iron Mountain has scalable library solutions that will help you manage your physical collections. Our network of LAC-compliant Federal Records Facilities gives federal agencies cost-effective records storage and management services that meet all requirements - including peace of mind. Federal departments and provincial ministries can rest-assured that these same security and IM compliant practices will equally help achieve their compliance goals. Protect and maintain access to your collections, while reducing costs. Every library is different, which is why we will work with you to create a solution that meets your moving, storage and access requirements.

Active file management solutions

With Iron Mountain’s extensive Records and Information Management (RIM) capabilities, your department can free up time, resources, and valuable physical office and onsite storage space – while you retain full control and access to records when needed. Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution replicates your onsite file room within a secure, offsite storage environment. Your active files are stored on specialized racking in our secure and compliant Record Centers where active files are managed according to your filing system—with retrievals, refiles, interfiles and dropfiling performed by our staff cleared for government projects, your information flows to those who need it, when they need it to enable a more efficient, open, and digital government.

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