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Accelerate innovation through better insights

In the complex and competitive life sciences sector, managing the growing volume of data and protecting research and development (R&D) investments requires solutions that unlock and extend the value of information.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical, medtech, biotechnology, or medical device company, or a clinical or research laboratory, our end-to-end solutions can help you transform your discoveries and accelerate product lifecycle management.

Achieve new levels of digitization that empower your workforce, gain deeper insights for efficient operations, and elevate compliance and security protocols throughout your enterprise.  

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The face of life sciences is changing

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Our perspective

Life sciences organizations are adopting more analytics-driven approaches to create greater value from their data.

Gain insights that enable better outcomes

Our secure digital solutions accelerate R&D innovation and drive new levels of automation. We make optimal use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which remove barriers to new product development.

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Our perspective

Global mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (MA&D) are at record levels within the life sciences sector. Organizations need to facilitate business transformation and value creation with minimal disruption.

Map a stronger path to integration

Overlapping processes, integrating records and information, and changing work environments is challenging. But with Iron Mountain solutions, you can navigate the complexity of MA&D activity: consolidate your real estate portfolio, ensure data security, mitigate risks, and empower employees.

Featured services
  • Iron Mountain Clean Start®
    Integrate space and assets, consolidate real estate, and adapt to a changing workplace.
  • Records storage and management
    Protect, manage, and safeguard your information, including lab notebooks, manufacturing data, design/device records, and other intellectual property.

Want to build operational agility?

Let Iron Mountain help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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Our perspective

The ever-growing volume of data requires security protocols that secure your R&D investments and improve the overall resilience of your organization.

Gain a competitive advantage

As an industry leader in data protection, we help your organization prevent data loss, data breaches, and cyber threats to help you stay focused on next-gen innovation.

Featured services
  • Cloud data management 
    Tiered data storage with the security that life sciences organizations need.
  • Data centers 
    Protect, connect, and activate your life sciences data.
  • Secure offline storage
    Optimize cyber-resilience, protect critical data, and expedite recovery with secure offline storage.
  • Secure IT asset disposition (ITAD) 
    Stay compliant and protect your brand with end-to-end data protection.

Need a strategic partner to manage your data?

Our Iron Mountain team provides data security and management expertise for your organization.

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Our perspective

Navigating evolving compliance and regulatory requirements is often a labor-intensive and outdated process that impacts your growth objectives.

Meet compliance across the value chain

Our industry experts and services create a compliant foundation with enterprise-wide policies, helping you achieve operational resilience.

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Looking to enhance enterprise-wide compliance?

Let us help you keep — and stay — compliant.

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Our perspective

Life sciences organizations are highly proactive about green initiatives and innovation, in addition to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. Organizations we partner with understand that sustainability creates value, builds trust, and has a tremendous impact on employee talent retention and acquisition.

Embed sustainable business practices

Sustainability is an integral part of Iron Mountain’s purpose—and, as your valued partner, we want to pass the environmental benefits to our customers that help you differentiate, achieve your annual targets, and protect your brand reputation.

Featured services
  • Sustainable green data centers 
    Powered by 100% renewable energy, our data centers have natural cooling, onsite solar power generation, and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) Infrastructure design.
  • Secure shredding
    We’ll help you get set up for environmentally conscious information management with shredding of paper, plastics, and media.
  • Secure IT asset disposition (ITAD)
    Recycle and remarket your assets in a secure, sustainable way.

Want to advance sustainability at your organization?

See how we can support your ESG goals.

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  • 90%
    More than 90% of Fortune 1000 organizations, including the Top 10 global pharmaceutical companies, trust us to store and manage their most valuable information and assets
  • 1B+
    Our customers trust us to store and protect more than 1 billion medical images and more than 1 billion pathology slides
  • 68+
    Our expertise extends beyond a paper trail; we manage more than 68 exabytes of data
  • 350MW+
    Sustainable data center capacity

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We have the experience and expertise to streamline your organization and build operational agility while keeping your data safe—and secure. We are especially proud to partner with life sciences organizations like yours. Together, we elevate the power of your work.

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