True Copy™ Scanning for life sciences

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Accelerate digital transformation with a validated process and documented quality assurance that maintains the integrity of the original records.

September 2, 20226 mins
Employee Scanning Documents

Business challenge

As digital transformation becomes a strategic initiative across Life Sciences organizations, you need to reduce reliance on paper records while establishing appropriate true copies to ensure compliance with your policies. You need all copies to be verified and scanned through a validated process to take advantage of the agility, efficiency and insights that digitization has to offer while minimizing risks and reducing storage costs.

What if you could

  • Scan verified original documents with a validated process that elevates efficiency?
  • Provide detailed and documented quality assurance that enables regulatory compliance?
  • Enable seamless information sharing across your enterprise and partners while reducing costs and risks?

Iron Mountain True CopyTM Scanning

With Iron Mountain True CopyTM Scanning, you can create high- quality, fully validated electronic copies of paper or electronic records, preserving the content and meaning of the original record including all the metadata. The solution offers organizations the ability to validate that the electronic document is an accurate representation of the original record and includes the same attributes and information.

This cost-effective solution allows digital conversion of documents such as physical records, paper validation forms, device history and batch records, lab notebooks, memos and more.

You will be able to:

  • Enable validation, accuracy, and authenticity of records with consistent reproduction and true copy certification
  • Establish compliance to regulatory requirements, protecting R&D investments and reducing delays and risks associated with audits
  • Ensure data integrity with a complete and accurate record to help meet your quality and compliance requirements
  • Elevate efficiency by accelerating digital transfor- mation across your organization while meeting your Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goals

True copy scanning for Life Sciences