Healthcare organizations mobilize to securely store and quickly deploy emergency response materials

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How Are Healthcare Organizations Leveraging Iron Mountain to Address PPE Equipment and Medical Supply Inventory Challenges?

May 1, 20208 mins
Healthcare Organizations Mobilize to Securely Storage and Quickly Deploy Emergency Response Materials

How are healthcare organizations leveraging iron mountain emergency storage and delivery to address PPE equipment and medical supply inventory challenges?4

As healthcare organizations scale capacity to handle the Coronavirus outbreak, Iron Mountain is increasingly receiving inquiries from customers who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of materials required to protect their staff and prepare for a potential outbreak.

Iron Mountain Emergency Response Supply Storage and Delivery enables these customers to:

  • Securely store emergency supplies and medical equipment offsite where it will be available for delivery when needed.
  • Protect emergency response assets from loss, theft, or damage.
  • Free up space for mission-critical initiatives such as temporary hospitals, emergency clinics, and shelters.
  • Securely store pallets or shipping containers of stockpiled inventory to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain.

The below customer stories can help provide you a clearer understanding of how healthcare organizations, like you, are using this service to support their broader emergency response programs.

The Situation:

In response to COVID-19, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States was actively acquiring large volumes of personal protective equipment and medical supplies. With such unprecedented volumes the customer needed space to immediately store roughly 1500 pallets of materials with potential to scale up to 3000 pallets as additional supplies arrived.

The Solution:

Using Iron Mountain's Emergency Response Supply Storage, the healthcare system was able to quickly and securely store their growing inventory of PPE equipment and medical supplies. Iron Mountain:

  • Receives shipments directly from the healthcare organization's selected third party vendor and protects the inventory from loss or theft in highly secure facilities.
  • Enables easy ordering and quick delivery. The customer directly submits their order to our operations team and we do the rest, retrieving and delivering boxes of the requested supplies expeditiously.
  • Keeps the customer up to date with available supply volumes through real time inventory tracking reports.

As a result, the customer is now able to securely store pallets of stockpiled inventory to mitigate supply chain disruptions while maintaining ready access and up-to-date visibility over their inventory.

The Situation:

A national provider of in-home and hospice healthcare services was challenged with obtaining the necessary PPE supplies for their field home healthcare providers. They needed a means to quickly receive, track and distribute the PPE items once they arrived at their corporate office or warehouse. The PPE supplies also had to be packaged into kits prior to distribution, a process that is time-consuming and complicated as the number of kits required varied between 3,800 kits to 166,000 per month.

The Solution:

Iron Mountain stepped in to assist with inventory management, tracking and fulfillment - enabling the customer to focus on what's needed most, patient care. Iron Mountain:

  • Offloads the space and resource burdens of managing bulk orders by receiving shipments directly from the healthcare organization's selected third party vendor.
  • Scans and labels the shipments to provide the hospital up-to-date inventory visibility.
  • Enables easy ordering through Iron Mountain Connect. The customer simply logs the order and we do the rest, sorting and packaging PPE materials into kits that are then scanned and deployed to customer sites.
The Results:

As a result, the hospital is able to keep their valuable onsite space and resources focused on mission-critical activities while having 100% confidence they can store and quickly access the PPE kits they require to protect their patients and their staff.

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