Helping a global bank optimize and reduce space

Customer Success Stories

A global 500 bank needed to optimize office space utilization in order to downsize its real estate footprint and reduce costs.

February 1, 20237 mins
Application Solutions: Contracts- People reviewing files

At the same time, evolving employee work habits created the need fora modern, collaborative, and digital workplace of the future. With high expectations and limited time to complete the project, the bank turned to Iron Mountain Clean Start for help.


The need to reduce office footprint by almost 50%.

A shift from an assigned seating arrangement to a flexible space, with years of files and other assets at employee desks.

Inefficient paper-heavy “keep everything” culture.


Iron Mountain Clean Start®


  • 45% reduction in space(95K sq. ft. to 50K sq. ft.).
  • Elimination of 95% of information space (filing cabinets, file room, storage of IT assets, etc.),freeing up 9.5K sq. ft.
  • Over 375K pieces of paper digitized, with efficient, digital workflows implemented.