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As your organization transitions to a more digital way of working, you need to rethink your file room strategy.

March 18, 20196 mins
File Room Storage- File storage room | Iron Mountain

Outsource your onsite file room and focus resources on what matters most to your business.

You need regular access to critical files and records, but managing an ever-growing number of documents and workflow processes in local file rooms consumes valuable real estate, overburdens staff, and leaves your organization at risk of information loss and compliance violations. As your organization transitions to a more digital way of working, you need to rethink your file room strategy.

Iron Mountain's File Room Solution replicates your file room in a secure, offsite environment. Your files are stored and managed in our secure and compliant facility by our expert staff using your filing system. You can allocate your time and resources to other key business objectives instead of spending most of your time managing records.

Key features

Our File Room Solution contains all the elements you need to manage your active files and records:

Purpose-built facility

Safeguard your files in a specialized records center that provides advanced environmental, security and access controls. Our solution was built in accordance with the most stringent regulatory standards and is staffed with vetted Iron Mountain employees who are trained to follow compliant processes. Your files will be stored in open shelving for quick access and easy retention management.

File room operations and staffing

Iron Mountain can replicate your current file room operation and follow your processes for labeling, coding, interfiling, drop filing and request fulfilment. For easy access and quick audits, RFID tags are applied at the file level. All information management activities are performed by a dedicated staff provided by Iron Mountain.

Imaging services for quick access to high priority files

Iron Mountain's Image on Demand™ service guarantees your files are delivered within a four-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA). Scan documents to facilitate speedy delivery and enable historical information to be integrated with your Electronic Content Management (ECM) system and/or your system of record.

Support digital transformation

Iron Mountain has the equipment, trained personnel and expertise to manage the digital transformation of your workflow processes - from digitizing your existing documents to leveraging our cloud storage solutions for easy access and sharing.

Leverage additional Iron Mountain services

Inventory relocation services

Iron Mountain specialists can purge, pack and provide point-to-point file transfers from your file room to your file room within our secure records center where your filing system will still be used.

Secure destruction of records

We ensure certified destruction of your records.

Enhance your focus with expert staffing

Focus more on your core business by taking advantage of Iron Mountain's Onsite Staffing services. Our screened, experienced records management professionals are available to support your file room and corporate record center operations, including retrievals, refiles and interfiles. With years of experience in best practices, policy management and consistent implementation, our staffing services can help you achieve a compliant and cost-effective program.

Offsite doesn't mean offline

You can search, track and retrieve files using the Iron Mountain Connect™ online hub. You can also view reports to help you manage your inventory throughout its life cycle, including placing files on legal hold or requesting the destruction of files that are ready for disposition.

With just a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory and locate what's required to satisfy an internal or external request. You can arrange for a file to be quickly scanned and digitally delivered, or have the original file returned by one of our vetted and trained employees. You'll free up valuable real estate and staff - without sacrificing visibility and rapid access to high-activity files.


  • Keep your resources focused on key objectives while our trained personnel support the day-to-day task of file retrievals, refiles, interfiles and drop files
  • RFID tags at the file level make it quick to find what you need and easy to complete an audit
  • Ability to maintain workflow processes that are driven by your active files
  • Simple billing with options for bundled pricing
  • Support your paper-to-digital transformation
  • Storing files offsite allows you to continue vital business operations in the event of a disaster